Daily Energy Balancing Routine for Highly Sensitive People

Daily Energy Balancing Routine for Highly Sensitive People

I practice a Daily Energy Balancing Routine every day that helps me maintain my ability to be influential, empowered, creative, healthy and free myself from other people’s energy. I’ve created an energy balancing video routine for you to follow along with in the video below to experience it for yourself.

If you live in an energetic world (that is really crazy right now) and we are energy Beings, doesn’t it make sense to be working
your energy every day to create balance, harmony, and well-being in your life?


No one else can do your energy work for you!  You’ll need to take responsibility for learning and creating a daily practice, so you can be effective, efficient and creative in the world without feeling overwhelmed or slimed by it. If I don’t take responsibility for managing my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energies disruptions happen in my weakest areas in the form of stress, anxiety, depression, disease, overwhelm, and overstimulation, …


If you choose to create a daily energy routine practice it every day for at least a month to see how it heals and balances, you over time. Energy practices are accumulative like building your muscles up with weight training; you won’t build unless you do the work regularly and you’ll start to lose muscle if you stop lifting within three days. You are interacting with energy all day long, every day!


energy balance

This energy balancing work helps build up your immune system as well as your ability to NOT be thrown off by what is happening around you or in the world as easily. With a daily energy practice, you build up your energy (muscles) boundaries and process things more quickly because your body’s systems aren’t stuck, depleted, overwhelm or clogged. This, in turn, will allow you to go out into the world and shine your light and do your work with less overwhelm and overstimulation!


It is necessary for the health of your mind, body, and spirit to become more conscious about managing the energies within and around you. (This also includes what you put into your body, on your body, the people around you, your home, office, car…) When you become more balanced energetically you will become more aware of what isn’t aligning with your natural healthy energy and then can choose to remove it or not. You become less tolerating of what isn’t working and more responsive to what is working in your life. This will help you to manifest the life you really desire and reach your goals more quickly and healthier. Self-sacrificing is not necessary! LOL


Here are a few more ways an energy balancing routine will benefit you:

Stop procrastination

Gets your energy system flowing – energizes, revitalizes,

Decreases brain fog, increase focus

Keeps negative energy out of your field and removes it

Grounds you so you feel more stable, present and supported

Reduces stress and tension

Rebalance your nervous system

Removes toxins

Empowers you to BE more you!


  1. The Four Thumps – energize you if tired, help concentration, awakens your bodies energies, boost the immune system, increases your strength and vitality, lift your energy level, balance blood sugar and grounding.
  2. The Cross Crawl – feel more balanced, think more clearly, improve coordination, harmonize your energies.
  3. Celtic Weave – connects your energy systems, helps get the right brain and left brain hemispheres into better communication.
  4. The Wayne Cook Posture alternative – untangle inner chaos, see with better perspective, increase the ability to focus your mind more effectively, think more clearly, learn more proficiently.
  5. Cross Over Shoulder Pull – gives you clarity in your mind like your whole and complete,  helps you get well if you’ve been sick.
  6. The Belt Flow Pathway – opens up the top-bottom circuity in the body.
  7. Tracing the Spleen Pathway – helps with blood sugar and anything that throws your body off.
  8. Tracing the Kidney Pathway – filters the body’s toxic energies.
  9. Zip up – allows you to not take on the negativity as much, you stay stronger.
  10. Body twists – a) opens heart energy, b) flushes the kidneys.
  11. Become still feeling grounded in your body and full in your heart (feel gratitude, deep caring, appreciation or compassion in your life).

For more energy exercises look towards Yoga, Qi Gong, and Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, and other healing tools here on my website or my youtube channel

Want to know more, give me a call for a Complimentary 1 hour Discovery Session.

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