Create Your Drama-Free Money Life

Create Your Drama-Free Money Life

Are you a Sensitive, Creative, Leader and/or Healer, who has followed your passion to serve humanity and/or the planet and are trying to make it work as a business?

Do you struggle with money issues that are creating conflict in your life? Drama

Are you always battling in your mind whether you have earned the right to ask for or have something you desire? Drama

Do you have trouble asking for money from your clients or setting a price on your service or creative work because it doesn’t feel good? Drama

You are in your own Drama movie…


 …because you think there is a conflict that someone will be hurt (you or them) by your actions or emotions.

What are the stories being played out in your mind, from your past, that are no longer true for you and keeping you stuck and hiding out?

What would it mean to you to not battle with anyone any more? How would it feel to not have drama playing out daily in your life and instead having wealth that not only serves YOU , but also helps heal humanity?

Your drama is perpetuating more drama in the world, the wars, the unhealthy conditions, the hunger, the poverty, disease, disempowerment, racism, sexism, etc. Until you heal your own emotional wounds and change your actions you will not be able to help others heal or come up with new solutions to our world problems.

Is your money drama keeping you starving for more?

Let’s find out.

Drama is defined as a composition in verse or prose intended to portray life or character or to tell a story usually involving conflicts and emotions through action and dialogue and typically designed for theatrical performance; a movie or television production with characteristics (as conflict) of a serious play or  a state, situation, or series of events involving interesting or intense conflict of forces.

I’ve invited you to start taking responsibility for creating your life by imagining it as a movie that involves you filling in all the roles it takes to produce a successful movie and making the choices that align with what you truly desire to have, be or do in your life.

Let’s take a look at the money drama part of your current life movie that needs your attention to stop the drama that is keeping you from manifesting more money and expressing your true self.

Your money drama comes out of unconscious programming and habits.

It will be very helpful for you to see how you are unconsciously sabotaging yourself with old emotional triggers and actions that keep you playing small roles in your life.

Drama_upperlimitingYou sabotage your success when you are ready to go to the next level of growth which I call upper limiting. You either do something stupid that validates to yourself why you are not worthy or deserving of what you want or you let your ego talk you out of it with fearful stories of past experiences that included humiliation, embarrassment, shame, guilt, loss of love, abandonment and failure. Your drama is a product of your unconscious actions and emotions. Nothing is sacred when it comes to sabotaging; you will sabotage your relationships, health, money, careers, car, and business etc. out of fear in order to not expand your life to have greater freedom and wealth.

What are your beliefs ab0ut money…

We unconsciously limit our money and success experiences with our scarcity mindset, which is programmed beliefs we assume from our family’s, culture, and religious influences. Your opinions and attitude is your mindset and they determine how you see yourself and the world.

Is it safe to have more money than your parents? Can a women make money, manage money, or be a powerful influence in society?Do people like your family members have to “work hard” to make ends meet? Is it safe to be wealthy? Is money evil? Does money equal love? Does money mean sacrifice, loss of control or freedom? Does money equal problems instead of freedom? 

A scarcity mindset creates drama around all the things that could happen including fears, worries, anxieties and bad habits that play out unconsciously in your life and drain your physical, mental, emotional spiritual, and financial energies. Drama can also be about what you believe will happen to you if you are successful, like losing your privacy or becoming selfish.

When is the last time you set a money goal and achieved it?

Drama_poormeMoney conjures painful dramatic scenarios in your memory (unless you’ve done your inner transformation), so you will avoid setting a money goal by unconsciously distracting yourself with other shining objects that seem more important and entertaining or keep yourself in a confused state to not make a choice.  This way it won’t be your fault if you fail. This eventually leads to drama around feelings of lowered self-esteem, confidence, love and lack of focus. Poor-me-drama.

Money drama keeps you thinking small and doesn’t allow you to think BIG vision with clarity of what your soul’s desire wants to express. It shrinks your ability to use your intuition and to stay focused on the direction and actions needed to move you to your desired results. The direction in your movie along with the script has gone missing. You and everyone in your movie are improvising.  It can be fun and playful but also frustrating because you’re not getting anywhere. Without this vision, drama is in the daily chaos of your life and with the lack of results you feel unfulfilled and overwhelmed.

So what did you learn?

  • Drama doesn’t serve you or anyone else. It just keeps you stuck
  • You have to learn how you sabotage yourself so you can prevent it
  • ​Changing your scarcity mindset is key to creating new actions that get you the results you’d like
  • Setting money goals are important for keeping you focused
  • Vision is essential for creating your masterpiece to become reality and for you to feel fulfilled in your purpose and passion

I will be sharing more on each of these areas in more detail over the next weeks.


  1. Observe where you are in your dramatic life around money (conflict/battle/emotionally triggered) .​
  2. Notice how what you feel about your money affects how you feel about yourself (Money Mappers you know what I mean!) Emotional Triggers.
  3. Write down where you are playing small in your life, where do you hold yourself back because of fear or it feels uncomfortable.
  4. If you need help identifying the money drama in your life, schedule your Personal Money Mapping with me now.

To YOU living a drama free life!


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