Create A Life You Love Part 4, Your Beliefs Are Keeping You Stuck

Part 4 covers transforming your energy blocks and beliefs that are keeping you from having what you desire.

The root of our suffering is the belief that we are not safe, not supported, good enough, worthy enough, smart enough, successful enough, and on and on. In other words, our perception of our selves and our world rule the choices we make in our life. That is unless we are making conscious choices, using our will power to over ride them.

The minute we let our conscious guard down the subconscious mind takes over making our habitual decisions making for us.  It isn’t until we have reprogrammed the subconscious mind with a new belief that change happens and we create new habits and desired results.

So are your habits and beliefs keeping you from having the life you desire?

What are you believing about yourself and your world that keeps you from taking the actions necessary to move you closer to your dream?

Because most of the beliefs are in our subconscious mind, it is not easy for us to see ourselves and how we are limiting ourselves. We are use to our routines, habits and choices; they feel very natural and comfortable. Yet, we may be making choices that our grandmother taught our mother and we are just following the beliefs of our ancestors rather than being present in this moment and clear of our potential to create what we desire.

If we are to change our lives, we must change inside (subconscious mind) to create new results.

Create a new normal of high level living.

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