Create A Life You Love Part 2, Your Whys Are Vital

Create A Life You Love Part 2, Your Whys Are Vital

Learn why it is vital for you to be clear on your “whys” for what you desire in order to create them.

Write down all your whys, feel them in your soul or gut. If you don’t have any whys, reevaluate your desire and make
sure it is yours. This is a good way to determine whether you really want what you think you want. It may not be
your desire, but one you have been conditioned to believe you wanted.

When you do have a desire and your whys are clear, share them with someone your trust and talk them out.
This will help to bring up your passion, excitement, love, commitment, and anchor those feelings in your body.
Please feel free to share here with me what your desire is and how you feel about it.

I look forward to reading what your whys or any questions in the comment area below
To living a life you love,

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