Controlling Your Mindset, Create Your Future

Controlling Your Mindset, Create Your Future
I feel it is soooo important to give you foundational information, that I  and my clients have found necessary for our transformation.  To “know” this information will give you a power center within yourself to do the work necessary for you to change your own limiting programming.  It empowers you to keep on track when there is chaos and challenges all around you and when it doesn’t  feel like your inner work is working, it gives you science to connect to as an anchor. 

When I understood how my perception of my world (my beliefs about myself the my world) developed within me and I understood that what I thought was a broken me wasn’t me at all, I felt empowered and free to change my life. It was my ticket to freedom and prosperity to re-create my world;  it was a game changer for me.  I believe it will be a game changer for you too.

I want to be clear with you, YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND THIS ALL AT ONCE. This foundational information is probably the hardest to wrap their minds around because we can’t figure out why we weren’t taught this at an earlier age. Why would this information have been kept from us?  Why did I spend my childhood years feeling terrible and disempowered about myself when all along I could have been in my power creating what I desired? You need to spend time asking questions and finding your answers. 

This foundation is what creates the divide from the prosperous & successful people and the ones struggling. 

What is holding you back from your desires?  Poor mindset. Period!conscious:subconscious child before 9

When you get this you can no longer be a victim and will take responsibility for creating your world. Not everyone is willing to give up some bad habits so easily. The ego will come in and try to talk you out of this because it doesn’t to want change. You will grow in relation to the amount of time you put into managing your mindset. It also helps a lot to have it modeled for you. It takes you doing the work persistently and consistently, daily. 

You just can’t read or listen to the topic you have to spend time getting to know yourself, getting clear on who you are at your core and what isn’t you, know your desires/pleasures/passions, reprogram through various tools and take actions that will be uncomfortable to you. 

Today I live a prosperous and joy filled life  because I am managing my mindset and not letting other people’s beliefs and values drive my choices. I am a work in progress, it may be a lifetime journey, but it is my journey-no one else’s! It gets easier and easier to spot and let go of the old as I embody my authority over my life and will be so for you also.

Understanding how your mindset is operating and driving your life is valuable information. Your job is to reprogram your subconscious mind (habitual and limiting programming) and choose what to replace them with and then live it.  It requires you to know your true ability to take control of your life and put the stirring wheel in your hands today and not the hands of someone from your past.

This is living your life purpose.

One of the most asked (or unspoken questions) I get is, “Am I Ok?”

You are not broken, damaged, not good enough, unworthy or unloveable. 

It is your old and outdated programming that has you feeling broken, less than, unsafe, disconnected and unworthy.

Listen to this replay of Who is Controlling Your Mind and the one before (link below) over and over, you will open up to new information each time. Wrap your mind around that YOU are in CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!
Embodying Prosperity Radio Show Replay: Who is Controlling Your Mind

The pictures in this email are ones I drew when I was learning all this information 12 years ago. I am very visual and kinesthetic, so it helped me to draw out the information. They may help some of you.

PLEASE Send me your questions or better yet come onto the live calls and get live coaching every Tuesday 9am PST, 12 noon EST.

Here are some ways to tell if you are not in control of your mind if:

  •  you are not living the life you desire
  •  you are suffering
  • you are living in the past or future
  • you are judging yourself or others
  •  you are a perfectionist
  • you live with chaos, drama, overwhelm
  • you don’t feel safe, grounded, connected or loved
  • you are not focused or fully engaged at the moment
  • you are unhealthy-mind/body or spirit
  • you don’t feel safe or comfortable being you

 1st foundational training for Embodying Prosperity: Listen to You Are More Powerful Than You Think 

Please leave any comments below so others may learn from your experience and knowledge. Asking questions  helps everyone learn…I don’t want this to be just about me giving you information. I want to help you experience and “know” who you are in your cells and that takes time observing and asking yourself questions and having conversations…

To living a proserpous and juicy life!

Loving you,

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