Change What is Holding You Back From Success

Change What is Holding You Back From Success

Learn how we get stuck when we want success but we haven’t changed the negative thoughts and feelings of our childhood traumas that we repeat daily.

A traumatic event can involve a single experience, or enduring repeated events, that completely overwhelm the individual’s ability to cope or integrate the ideas and emotions involved in that experience.

Traumatizing events can take a serious emotional toll on those involved, even if the event did not cause physical damage. This can have a profound impact on the individual’s identity, resulting in negative effects in mind, body, soul, and spirit.


Regardless of its source, trauma contains three common elements:

• It was unexpected.

• The person was unprepared.

• There was nothing the person could do to stop it from

Simply put, traumatic events are beyond a person’s control.

It is not the event that determines whether something is traumatic to someone, but the individual’s experience of the event and the meaning they make of it.
from Trauma Recovery 

“I’m stuck!”
“I can’t make more money or save it!”
“Why can’t I find the right guy/gal?”
“I don’t know why I’m not attracting what I want, I’m working really hard!”

When you experience traumas the energy is stored in your body and associated with feelings.  When anything in your life triggers your traumatized feelings and thoughts your greatest fears are triggered (see below) and you take actions to stop them.

Fearing you’re not enough (smart, skinny, rich, lovable, pretty,..)
Fear of being abandoned or judged  (if you don’t do and be what others want you to they will leave you)
Feeling powerless to succeed or move forward



Inner Work :

  1. Where are my early traumas affecting me today?

    Where am I
    ~ Fearing I’m not enough (smart, skinny, rich, lovable, pretty,..)
    ~ Afraid I will be abandoned or judged  (if you don’t do and be what others want you to they will leave you)
    ~ Feeling powerless to succeed or move forward

    What are the feelings and thoughts of my worst day(s)?

    Google a list of feelings, both positive and negative and name those you’ve been experiencing.

  2. Think of the best day of my life or imagine what my best day would feel, taste, smell, sound… like?
  3. Replace my daily worst day feelings with my best day feelings and thoughts. This will require you to become more conscious.

    Worst Day Energy -> say “Stop”, “change”  and embody the new BEST day energy and move forward from there.


Examples of my traumas at a young age of 4:

My father disappears from our life after an argument with my mother without a real clear explanation and it left me feeling abandoned and not worthy.  I’m not good enough for my father to come and support me, he must not care about me so something is wrong with me. I grew up thinking I can’t get angry with people close to me or they will leave me, so I became a people pleaser…

My grandmother told me I have to be a “good-girl” for my mom or something might happen and she would leave us also results in me thinking I’m too much for my mother and it is my responsibility to take care of her. I’m powerless, unprepared, not enough, responsible for other people’s feelings so they won’t leave me and take care of me…

My grandmother telling me to not bother her unless I’m dying, made me think, I can’t be weak or vulnerable otherwise I’m a burden. I felt unworthy and not good enough to earn attention and to ask to have my needs meet. It also made me anxious every time I got sick because I relate illness to dying and weakness.

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