Calm Your Overwhelm

Calm Your Overwhelm
Are you feeling all the  fear, anxiety and panic happening around you and in the world at this time? This causes overwhelm for highly sensitives. I surely am! And I am thankful I know how to take care of myself.
To learn more about this, tune in to Self Care for Overwhelmed Highly Sensitives. There will be a continuation next Tuesday about this topic.
Highly sensitives are  always picking up on others people’s energies, feeling world tragedies, and electronic and cosmic energy activities that are negatively affecting you mentally and physically. This is natural, yet as a highly sensitive you are more sensitive to the subtleties around you and you make it personal.

Learn how to clear away energy, ground yourself, and create a healthy boundaries.

What we discussed so far to calm your overwhelm:
  1. manage your energy
  2. Practice the Oxytocin Breath
  3. Be in your body, feel your feelings
  4. Stop multi tasking
  5. Be in the present moment
Learning what it means to be a highly sensitive and how to manage you energetic field will have you feeling calmer, safer, more grounded and less overwhelmed by all that is happening around you.
 Please leave any comments below so others may learn from your experience and knowledge. Asking questions  helps everyone learn…I don’t want this to be just about me giving you information. I want to help you experience and “know” who you are in your cells and that takes time observing and asking yourself questions and having conversations…
Loving you,

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