Calm Your Overwhelm (Part 2)

Calm Your Overwhelm (Part 2)
I didn’t like myself for the longest time and I suffered because of it. So you can imagine how angry and excited I was to find out that there was information available (mainly to businessmen) that could stop my needless suffering caused by my low self-esteem, but also empowered me to be more authentic and love myself. That is when I started to learn about the brain and our unconscious and conscious minds. Positive thinking, changing your perception, think like a winner all the stuff that was mentioned in the movie The Secret.
Once I learned that my thinking was my own and I could change how I felt about myself, I was on board to do the work necessary. This work freed me to love myself, stop my suffering, feel empowered to create what I desire and I can see in others the pure love that they are.
There were lots of beliefs growing up that I had formed about myself that created my suffering. One was believing I wasn’t good enough because I was so sensitive to my environment and others around me. It made me feel different from everyone else. Because people labeled me shy or sensitive, made fun of me which left me feeling like I wasn’t as strong as everyone else around me. Therefore, something was wrong with me and I needed to fix it. Can you relate being a highly sensitive?

I also grew up feeling not good enough because I was a girl.  In the 1960-70s I grew up in a culture and family environment where the masculine dominated and women weren’t fully valued. The women were support structures for men in business, our communities and in their homes. I envied the boys and fathers freedom, power, and their ability to create what they wanted in the world. (This is from a child’s perspective)

An example was my parents got divorced when I was four and my father didn’t pay child support while he traveled around the world. My mom was financially stressed raising three kids on her own. How could he get away with it? He was a man and the system supported the man not the mother. And guess how valuable I felt knowing my dad wouldn’t offer  to help support us.

I vowed I wouldn’t be like the women around me, I didn’t want to suffer their resentments and lost dreams. I didn’t want to feel less than. It hurt deeply for years to not value and love all of me.  As long as I denied any part of me I was telling myself I was broken and not good enough. And boy did I work hard at figuring out how to make myself good enough and perfect enough. Talk about overwhelming!!!!

These are a couple of examples how we create overwhelm in our life via our thinking. This is why I am always sharing with you the importance of managing our minds for our transformation. These old stories, vows and beliefs are playing out unconsciously and in our head daily. They influence every decision we make. 

A good questions to ask ourselves is, Do we feel safe being ourselves and if not, what part of us are we believing is not good enough or broken? This is where we are on high alert in our minds and life, as well as, the dangers in our environments. How has this influenced your decisions and life choices? How has this limited thinking keep you small and overwhelmed?


Calming and reprogramming the unconscious mind will cause more harmonious & peaceful environments which will enable you to feel more empowered and safe, slowing down the fight, flight or freeze responses in your brain, so you can function more efficiently and happily.

As I’ve pointed in in my stories, one area of overwhelm comes from us trying to become who we are not for other people’s approval and acceptance. When we don’t measure up to our standards of perfection or don’t get our needs met, we have to deal with our self judgements, shame, guilt and disappointments. It is exhausting and continuous unless you take control and stop this programming.

Loving you,

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