Creating Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries, when created and managed correctly, they make sure that our real selves, not the ideas, thoughts,
and beliefs that aren’t us are in charge of our lives and they share information with the world,
telling everyone exactly who we are, 
what we want,and how they can treat us.  ~ Cyndi Dale Energetic Boundaries

Click here for audio—> Creating Healthy Boundaries

I take you through a clearing process and creating an energetic boundary

Symptoms of poor boundaries:

  • feeling overwhelmed by everyone else’s feelings, needs, problems negativity and even illnesses
  • feel guilty if you say “no”
  • feel like you are not yourself; how you feel is determined by the circumstances and people around you
  • habitual people pleasing to your own disadvantage
  • sudden attacks of negativity, depression, physical pains…
  • exhaustion, resentment, and anger about not receiving anything in return for all your efforts of caring
  • feel out of control because you let other people drive your day (emails, FB, phone calls…)
  • feeling a heaviness or anxiety from collective consciousness when there is nothing in your environment to warrant your feelings.
  • hyper-vigilence for unseen dangers
  • compulsions to do things that don’t have to do with you…meeting needs of other
  • feeling the Universe/Divine is there for others but not you

Steps to Create Healthy Boundaries: 

  1. Clear the energy you have taken on as a result of having no boundaries (listen to audio)(one way is to simply saying “anyones energy that is not my own go back to your owner”)
  2. Manage your energetic field and body (your mobile home) everyday multiple times
  3. Create an energetic boundary (in audio above)
  4. Learn to say “NO” and don’t feel guilty about it.
  5. Design and intend your day and why it is important for you to take care of yourself
  6. Stop judging yourself and others
  7. Spend time in nature gardening, barefoot on the earth…
  8. Move your energy by moving your body
  9. Swim or showers neutralize/clear energy
  10. clear the clutter in your mind with meditation and being in present moment not in past or future.
  11. clear the clutter in your environment because it is cluttering you energy field
  12. stop watching or listening to the news
  13. sound healing music —> The Sound Of You!  

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