Create Beliefs That Manifest Your Desires

Create Beliefs That Manifest Your Desires


The way to change the results in your life (manifest what you desire)
is to change your current perception of yourself and your world right now ( your paradigm).

One reason professionals hire mentors and coaches is to help them create clarity, to reveal what is hidden in their subconscious mind holding them back, so they will achieve new results, grow and succeed quicker. By developing a daily awareness of your limiting beliefs and practice NEW Choices you can reach your new results. Move from amateur life status to an empowered highly sensitive professional living an awesome life.

Watch the video below to learn about limiting beliefs and how to transform them. 

1. Learn about your conscious and subconscious minds so you understand how to use them to manifest
2. Discover how to change your beliefs
3. Understand what is holding your back, keeping you stuck, limiting your success and ability to manifest more of what you desire
4. Realize you always can make a NEW Choice to reprogram your subconscious limiting mindset to change the results of your current life

BeliefsLimiting Beliefs

limiting beliefs


SELF-WORK: Old beliefs to New Choices and Results

  1. Copy and Print the List of Limiting Beliefs below.
  2. Highlight the ones you can relate to at this time. There may be other beliefs that are hidden from your awareness right now. That’s ok, as you start to transform your old perceptions into new mindsets those deeply hidden beliefs will appear so you can work on them.
  3. After you’ve highlighted your limiting beliefs, write down a new belief that would add to your life
    Ex. Life is difficult  —> I live with ease and grace, I’m not enough —> I am enough
  4. As you move through your day, NOTICE when you are in limited thinking, feeling, and actions and CHOOSE a NEW empowering/expansive/positive/abundant/freeing belief and feeling.  Keep a journal so you can start to see patterns easier or connections.
  5.  Celebrate what you’re adding to your life and directing your own creative powers!

I’d love to see some a sampling of your old beliefs and your NEW Choices in the comments below.

Any question feel free to connect.

Please share with others, thank you!

List of Limiting Beliefs

Life is difficult

It’s challenging to find the right man/woman

Something is wrong with me

I’m not enough

I will be overwhelmed by my feelings

I’m not sure there is a man/woman good enough for me

I don’t trust the Universe

I don’t trust myself

I’m too sensitive to be a leader

I get overwhelmed easily so I can’t take on big roles

I have to watch for abusers

I take on people’s feelings too much so I can’t be around people

I don’t feel safe feeling good

I don’t feel safe in the world

I’m limited because I’m an empath or highly sensitive

I’m weak/shy/broken because I’m too sensitive

I can only take care of me after I take care of everyone else

I have to be in control, or everything will fall apart.

I have to be on high alert or something bad will happen

People cause me pain

Pain will kill me

Love = Pain

I cause people pain

I’m too much

I bother people with my questioning

I don’t trust people

Everything must be perfect or it’s not good enough

I will unravel if I’m not in control

My life will fall apart if I’m not in control

I have to be hypervigilant to survive

My thinking is more important dependable/reliable than what my heart tells me

I will suffer because of my past

I am my past experiences

It’s my parent’s fault I feel pain

I don’t trust my feelings

Nothing ever works out the way I want it to

I have to struggle or suffer to get what I want

I’m not supported

I’ve never been supported

I’m not worthy of support

I’m not smart enough

No one gets me

I’m a pain to others

I’m alone

I don’t belong anywhere

I don’t matter

I’m lost

I’m confused

I need to protect myself from others

Emotional risks are painful

Every detail is important

I have to have all the information to make a decision

I’m not meant to be here

I’m not responsible for what happens to me

Creating my life is not my responsibility

I can’t forgive _________

I have to suffer to get things done or to have what I want

Suffering makes me feel like I’ve done enough

Suffering means I’ve earned the right to have what I want

I have to fight for what I want

Everything is a battle and I am a warrior

I expect a battle, life is a battle

I have to outsmart everyone or be annihilated

I expect to suffer

I expect you’ll think I’m too much

I can’t be happy till ___________

I can’t feel fulfilled until ___________ or else shit hits the fan.

I have to fight to be me

My best efforts yield poor results

I am a survivor

I am always prepared for battle

People are frustrating

The world is not a safe place

I’m helpless,

I can’t make money on my own

I can’t have everything without sacrificing my health or relationship

The people I work with don’t have money to pay me

It’s not safe to be successful

It’s not safe to be_______(smart, sexy, pretty, strong, powerful…)

A man won’t want me if I’m smarter, wealthier, stronger, faster, more sexual than him

I can’t be successful when others are suffering

I could never get the job I want because I don’t have a good enough education

I can’t get promoted because I didn’t go to college

I can’t make ______ because _______ (I’m a woman, I’m too shy, too sensitive, too big, it’s overwhelming, I’m too weak, there isn’t enough time, I’m not good enough…)

I can’t be wealthy because _____ I’m not a man, I’m not smart enough, I don’t know how to manage money, I don’t have money…

I can’t be healthy because_______ it’s too hard, I don’t know how, I can’t afford good food or a gym, it’s genetics, I don’t have the time or energy…

I can’t have the love I want because _____I’m unlovable, I’m too much, I’m not good looking, I’m too old, all the good ones are taken, I don’t trust anyone, they’ll hurt me

It’s not safe to be authentically me

Accumulating money requires suffering

I’ll never amount to anything

Money = Pain/Anger/Unlovable

I’m clumsy

I have a terrible memory

I’m a mess, my life is messy, my mind is cluttered, my home is cluttered, I’m confused

I can’t see how to ____________

There is never enough _________ money, love, food, water, support, friends, time…

Money is the root of all evil

Money doesn’t feel good.

Not having enough is overwhelming

I don’t know what to do with my money

Money is scarce and hard to come by

I’m too old_________

People aren’t emotionally available

All men/women want is sex

Men/Women love me and leave me

I don’t have enough time, energy, money…

No one cares as much as I do about getting things done right

I’m overwhelmed with too much to do

I can’t stay focused, I’m easily distracted

Life sucks

Everything would be great if ________ I had money, job, happiness, success, home, girl/guy, more time…

I’m a victim, bad things happen to me

I feel___________ frustrated, impatient, anxious, afraid, angry, overwhelmed, powerless things don’t go my way/the way they “should”, I’m pressured by group thinking-victim

I feel__________ confused, disorganized, narrow minded, I have no choice-victim

If I’m rejected/abandoned I may die

My family holds me back

Everyone else is more important than me

No one listens to me, no one sees me

I have to take care of everyone else before me

I can’t hurt other people’s feelings

I can’t have everything

If I’m successful, my family and I will suffer

I’m scared to go out and make my mark in the world

I don’t feel significant

I’m afraid to fail

I fear success

I can’t be as powerful as _________

Money = struggle

Money doesn’t come easily

There is too much to do

I have to show up as a strong person

I have to be perfect to receive what I want

I’m overweight, fat, unattractive, unhealthy…

I can’t be vulnerable

I need everyone to love and like me

I make people feel bad by having more or being happier than them

Life is difficult

Nothing comes easy

Someone or something will make me happy

It’s not safe to stand out/speak out

God/Source/All is outside me

I’m bad

I’m broken

Reality is a linear process

Others know better than I do

Life is very serious/hard/complicated/unfair…

It’s hard to change

Pain is normal and should be tolerated

Things never go my way

I’m like my parents

I’m not lucky, nothing ever good happens to me

I’m not smart enough

I vow to always support my tribe

I vow to keep the family secrets

I vow the family comes first

I vow to reject everything my family/mother/father/culture__________ stand for

I vow I’m not loved enough

I vow there is not enough love in the world

I vow to never surpass anyone in my family/tribe

I vow to never have fun with money unless I punish myself after

I vow to never allow reward

I vow to never really rest

I vow to never really feel deserving.

I vow to hide out because the world/home/family is not safe

I vow to blend in so I am safe

I vow to never care about or want money because my parents cared too much about it

and I want to prove them wrong.

I vow to get rid of money because whenever I think about it reminds me that I wasn’t


Having abundance is not spiritual

I vow to be powerless

To receive attention or love I have to be sick or need


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  1. These examples of limiting beliefs are astonishing. I didn’t even think there could be this many of them … and I’m realizing I have way more limiting beliefs than I thought. Wow.

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