6 Steps to Become Authentically You

6 Steps to Become Authentically You

As sensitives, empaths and nurtures, we can lose track of who we are and what we want because we have spent most of our time helping others get what they want. Today I want to help you take steps to focus on yourself in order to become authentically you.

“I’ve lost my way, I don’t know how I got here.”

“I don’t know what I want, I don’t have time for me.”

“I feel stuck and don’t know what to do.”

“I don’t feel happy, inspired, excited or fulfilled in my life, I feel drained.”


One of the most popular challenges my clients come to me to help them with is discovering what they truly want and how to become their best authentic version of themselves.

When we lose track of who we are growing up and when we don’t have clear boundaries, our desires and dreams get pushed to the background of our minds so we aren’t reminded of the pain of not living them. If our focus is always outward towards others and we don’t feel we matter as much as they do, we can easily be influenced by other people’s ideas of what is important to them and stuff our own inspirations.  Today social media is adding fuel to the fire for sensitives that don’t feel strongly grounded in their aspirations. The addictive nature of social media is distracting people from living their lives in present moment and compelling them to waste time comparing themselves to others or trying to create evidence of their worthiness through selfies likes…etc.

If you decide to do what is expected of you instead of what inspires you, you are not walking on your path.

If you copy other people’s lives, you’re not walking your path.

If you put all your attention to other people’s problems and don’t pay attention to your life (making money to thrive, health, career/business, pleasure), you are not on your path.

If you sacrifice your dreams for your family (and the family isn’t your major desire), you are not on your path.

When you are not on your path, you are not being authentically you, you are sabotaging opportunities for you to be in your greatest service and be happy and fulfilled.

If you are not living an inspired and exciting life of your own, you are out of touch with yourself and it’s time to find out what turns you on and why. This requires you to take quiet time and reflect. No one else can answer these questions for you. You may know the answer right away or it may take you a week or a month of intimate excavation time to reveal what you have stuffed away deep down inside you.

Watch the video and follow the action steps in video and written below.

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so if you’d like to share I’ll celebrate with you!

Action Steps: Ask yourself and journal 

  1. What do I want?
    What do I want to experience in the world?
    What am I inspired to create?
  2. Why do I want these things-how will it make me feel to accomplish this?
  3. Who will benefit and how?
  4. What’s the payback for me? Result, Feelings, Accomplishment, Legacy…
  5.  What will happen if I don’t create this?
  6.  Practice living with the feelings (#2 & #4) daily, that are the reasons you’re going for your dream. As you feel more comfortable with the more positive feelings you will become (make choices and create) who you want to be.

Overcoming the obstacles that are limiting you from living in those feelings of success, fun, inspiration and accomplishing… your dream is really what transforms your life!

Ask me questions Coachmarilyn1@gmail.com or
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