Are you willing to Risk CHANGE to up-level your life?

Are you willing to Risk CHANGE to up-level your life?


After I got off the phone with my daughter Caitlin the other day I found myself reminded of the last time I made a really big change in my life. Knowing that my daughter didn’t have a job, many people kept asking her if she had found a new job yet. When she answered that she didn’t have one yet, the response often was “I would be so nervous to be without a job. Are you afraid you won’t find one soon?” As a result she started thinking that maybe she should be feeling anxious about the situation and so she did.

When I decided to leave my husband ten years ago, I had a lot of family, friends and strangers projecting all their fears on me. Even though I knew in my heart it was the right thing for me to do, I had to protect myself from other people’s fears, otherwise I’d have ended up entangled with their energy, anxiety and worry.Colors_ToddDeSantis

Photo by Todd DeSantis

Caitlin and I are doing something that most people are afraid of doing: CHANGE OUR LIVES when we know it’s the right step to take. We can’t settle! We can’t fit into molds! It kills us and we want to thrive not survive. Leaders and entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to take risks and change; they know it is necessary and inevitable.

I didn’t want to settle for less than I could be back then and my daughter is not settling for corporate burnout and self-denial either.  She’s going to find a new way to do what she loves doing, for work and her life, without sacrificing herself. Why?  Because she is worth it to herself!

I shared with Caitlin what I had to do and who I needed to be in order to move forward without fear and anxiety overtaking me.  I told her when it seems like things aren’t happening as fast as she would like them to, when the fear creeps in and rears its ugly head, she needed to grow faith that she is supported by the Quantum Field (God, Source, Universal Intelligence) and let her intuition and intentions guide her where she envisions herself being.

Three weeks before I moved to Santa Barbara, CA, from Mystic, CT, I didn’t have an address to give to the moving people. I jumped on a plane to Santa Barbara and had to find a nice place to live for my son and I. It just so happened to be one of the busiest weekends in Santa Barbara with its big Fiesta Festival and parade. The friends I was staying with said they had friends who had been looking unsuccessfully for a place to live for a year.


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Santa Barbara Harbor

Photo by Nicole Walther

I could feel their concern for my situation and me. I woke up that night with an anxiety attack and said to myself, “Source if this is to be, show me the way with Grace and Ease,” and went back to sleep. I was choosing to have faith instead of fear as my guide. I had an intuitive hit that I was to live on the Mesa and a friend of a friend would find me a place even though I only knew three people in Santa Barbara at the time.

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The next day I looked at three unacceptable apartments.  Then I got a call from another friend of a friend who lived in a condo complex with one of them available. It just so happened that the owner was there and his son was moving out, and the friend asked if I could come by that very moment.

I went to look at a nice condo on the Mesa and the owner reduced the rent by $200 to meet my budget. In less than 24 hours I had found myself a nice place to land in Santa Barbara. I kept and used my intuition and didn’t let myself be influenced by others. I kept my faith that Source was working with me and it provided for me!

Catilin NYC

Caitlin NYC

Three years ago, Caitlin took a risk and left everything she knew and was comfortable with in New York City. She moved to Sydney, Australia, to find her dream job. Her intuition told her to go to Sydney where she knew two people. Following her intuition, holding on to her vision, and having faith, Caitlin found her dream job in advertising in less than one month. She not only found her dream job but also the place where she wants to live and raise a family. 

She worked in two top international advertising companies, but she recently realized that burning the midnight oil is not the job culture that best suits her lifestyle and well-being. Even though she loves the creative work, she decided it’s not worth killing herself for. Nothing is. So again she finds herself faced with going for new higher level desires in which she will have to again expand her faith, get clear on her desires and use her intuition to up-level her life, even when those around her are afraid for her.

She’s done it before and I know she can do it again!  Our faith, intuition and focus grow as we grow and apply it throughout our lives. I just recently interviewed two impressive young women, Sarah & Samantha who went through many changes like divorce, violence and more. Both are the influential, powerful and inspiring women they are today because they were willing to change. Listen to my interview with them HERE or on iTunes and get inspired!

Sydney, Australia by Frances Gunn

Sydney, Australia by Frances Gunn


What about you? Are you in transition and having to build your faith, focus and intuition? Or are you still in that phase of knowing something isn’t right for you but you can’t decide if you can risk the change for something better? Learn more about up-leveling and making more income through setting outrageous goals on my Huffington Post Blog “What would happen if you set outrageous goals?” I also did a Youtube recording on the topic which you can find HERE.

Look back at your life and see where you’ve done this before. We all have. Every time you had a life event like graduating high school or College, when you decided to move into a different country, state, city or even neighborhood; whenever you completely changed your hair style or color.

Change can be scary. It helps to have a partner who is dedicated to helping you achieve what you love, but even if you don’t, the risk of change is worth it and you can absolutely do it on your own!

All it takes is Focus, Faith and Intuition.

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