Are you Stopping Your Positive Energy Flow?


How frustrating is it to be feeling on top of the world, in the flow of your life, happy and and excited, when all of a sudden you get the feeling that something bad could happen and you start doubting whether or not your happiness and success will last for long. All of a sudden you are worrying, arguing, blaming, criticizing or in pain and suffering? 

What’s happening is called Upper Limiting and it’s stopping your flow of positive energy. Suddenly some of the below main doubts seep in:

  1. You feel flawed 

  2. You battle loyalty or abandonment issues

  3. You are convinced that more money means more sacrifice or working harder

  4. You believe that outshining makes others feel badly

In my previous newsletter, “Create Your Drama-Free Money Life”, I talked about Upper Limiting.  Today I want to explain it more in debt and take you through a tapping exercise to stop the stress triggers of Upper Limiting. Over time, whenever you notice yourself upper limiting you can use this video and tap along with me or learn from this video so you can do your own tapping. 


You sabotage your success when you are ready to go to the next level of growth which I call upper limiting. You either do something stupid that validates to yourself why you are not worthy or deserving of what you want or you let your ego talk you out of it with fearful stories of past experiences that included humiliation, embarrassment, shame, guilt, loss of love, abandonment and failure. Your drama is a product of your unconscious actions and emotions. Nothing is sacred when it comes to sabotaging; you will sabotage your relationships, health, money, careers, car, and business etc. out of fear in order to not expand your life to have greater freedom and wealth.

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