Are You Living A Turned-On Life?

Are You Living A Turned-On Life?


I’ve created a short video message for you about how to become turned on in your life. Below are some notes for you. (I’m sorry about the quality of the video, It wasn’t that way on my video in iMovie. It wasn’t until it went to youtube, that this lighting problem showed up. Please share with me if you know a solution to stopping this. Frustrating.) Thanks in advance! Click on the link below!

Click here to view video —>Are You Living a Turned On Life?




Self love + turned on energy = infinite possibilities, new choices and opportunities that will change your life.





Love yourself enough to INVEST in yourself like you were a sacred garden:

  • plant your desires: for your relationships, health, career, pleasure, money, friendships, learning…
  • nourishing your plantings ~ feeding yourself what is needed to grow, expand, flourish, blossom and inspires you: good food, exercise, friends, laughing, loving, quiet time, meditation, reflection, massage, nourishing food, nature, beauty, daily practice…
  • weeding out anything that doesn’t support your new desires; clearing clutter, people that are downers or draining, thoughts and feelings that are not true or serving you to harvest your desires, distractions, drama, confusion….
  • harvesting your designs and creations: reaping the benefits of all that comes your way that you have paid great attention to manifest in your life: receive, deserve and share
  • repeat over and over with excitement, wonder and child like curiosity

When you love yourself you will STOP the drama, distractions, confusion, feeling isolated, and critical judgments of self and others.

When you love yourself you begin to KNOW your power to design your life and you start taking full responsibility for the choices you make and you start living the life you dreamed of. 

Loving you,


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