3 Steps to Clear Energetic Overwhelm and Create Healthy Boundaries

3 Steps to Clear Energetic Overwhelm and Create Healthy Boundaries
  • Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, confused, not like yourself and less powerful around other people?
  • Are you attached to other’s outcomes more than to your own?
  • Do you feel entangled in your relationships not knowing where you begin and end?
  • Are you in unhealthy relationships?
  • Are you attracting what you don’t want into your life instead of what you desire?

As a energetic beings it is important to understand that 90% of our  feelings and thoughts aren’t our own.  Learning how to manage and clear your energetic clutter is essential for creating healthy boundaries, peace of mind and positive results. 

Where do we gather the energetic clutter?

Whether we are aware of it or not we are picking up on the energies and information surrounding us from our family, friends, work & environments, peers, culture beliefs, religious beliefs, political beliefs…all the time taking on these energies as our own. We pick up feelings and thoughts from the people we are around with the most.  You feel the fears and anxiety within your communities and listening to the world news.

We live in a web of energy and information called the Quantum Field, The Universe, Divine Matrix, God and many other names.  In our daily lives we are constantly exchanging energies with our environment. If we don’t take responsibility for managing our own energy space, than we take on a lot of energies that are not our own, like a dry sponge absorbing water.

Imagine a space containing your body and extending two or three feet all around you as your personal energetic mobile home.  Like the homes we live in, we want to have that space feel nurturing, clutter free, and an expression of who we are.  So like the homes we live in we want to clean and manage it, so that is supports you in the best manner possible.

Without healthy boundaries other people’s energies influence our thinking, feeling, actions and bottom line results. The best outcome is achieved by keeping your personal energy as clutter free as possible for clear in-coming and out-going communications.

As we move about in the world and interact with others, our energies become enmeshed if we aren’t clear on our boundaries. Knowing what is your energy that you are responsible for and what is their energy is very empowering.

The clearer our personal space is, the quicker and clearer we can receive and communicate our information. Living with energetic clutter is like playing the game where you whisper something to someone and they in turn tell the next person and by the time it makes it around the circle it is a different statement all together. Energetic clutter filters in-coming and out-going information and influences your health and well-being. If your not getting the results you want, most likely there is energetic clutter to be cleared.

I don’t know why this isn’t taught in school because it is such valuable and empowering information.

Although, we may not have been taught this lesson early on, it is of vital importance to
assume responsibility for managing our personal energy and the energetic space around us now.
It is never to late to clear the clutter of energy that is not yours and create healthy boundaries so you don’t take on more than is your own.

In order to live our personal power, it is in our interest to maintain clear boundaries.

3 steps for clearing your energetic clutter and creating healthy boundaries

1. Ask,“is this my energy?”

When you ask this question about something you are feeling, the energy around it will feel lighter if it is not yours.
Also, if you have been working on an issue for longer than 2 days, most likely the energy is not yours that you are trying to change. You can’t change someone else energy only your own.

2. Clear the energy that isn’t yours

  • Simply request that any energy that is not yours go back to it’s owners or back to where it originated. Feel the difference?
  • bring your energy back into yourself from those you have connections to. If you’re not with them, disconnect and pull your energy back to you. It is draining your energy to keep a connection to someone you are not with NOW.
  • clear energy all day long; when you wake, after meetings, before you go to bed…
  • spend time in nature to clear energy by grounding it. Walk barefoot in the grass or garden
  • Moving your body moves energy; laugh, dance, swim, walk, sing, cry….


3. Create a healthy boundary   

Imagine a space containing your body and extending two or three feet all around you as your personal energetic field. The outside of this field is where you can set your boundary.  Your world has distance rather than feeling like it is pressing up against you. The space between your body and the boundary is full of your energy creating space between your inner and outer worlds. This allows for expansion of self and time to make choices. The idea is that nothing can permeate the boundary and your energy unless you allow it.

Have fun and decorate your boundary with roses, gold, or mirrors to receive or reflect back what is projected towards you instead of you owning it as your own.  Within this boundary you maintain the fullness and vitality of YOU. You expand from the inside out rather than from the outside in.

These are some basics steps we can take to start clearing our energetic clutter.

If we all start owning our own crap and give everyone else their stuff back, we could witness some major healing.

This allows a more authentic expression of our true selves.

It is healthy and empowering for leaders and influencers to know how to manage their energy
and not take the energies of the people around them and what is projected at them while giving speeches, workshops, and entertaining. You can learn to manage the energy of a room and set the energy of an event.

It’s all energy!

Any questions please make comment below and I’ll answer them.

To Your Magnificence!


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