Are You actually ENJOYING Your Life?

Are You actually ENJOYING Your Life?

You are working away on your life movie scripts, either for your romantic comedy, or your Turned-On, adventurous life. I’m sure you struggle at one thing or another as you create your life. We all do. As you draft those important scripts, and then live them, are you enjoying what you are creating? Are you actually experiencing the joy of living that exciting life? Are you feeling the love of or from the people you invited into your life? And are you expressing those feelings?

All the hard work needs to have pay-off’s along the way!

Ideally, the pay-offs are the joy and excitement about living the life you are creating. Emotions_happygirlBut it is equally important to realize the other emotions as well. As you struggle through the steps of figuring out what it is you want and don’t want,  what do you feel deep inside of you and how are you expressing those emotions?

It’s ok to feel a little scared …

…when you realize things are actually working out the way you wanted them to work out. That’s why it’s essential that you keep creating what you really want and to review your “dailies” to make sure the ‘scenes’ you already ‘shot’ are serving you.

It’s totally acceptable…

…to re-evaluate something you thought you wanted and realize it’s not actually what you thought it would be. But it’s important that you stop in the moments and become aware of your feelings. Without the awareness of how you feel about certain things, situations or people, it is impossible to make those little edits to keep improving the script.

At the end of the day, without feeling your feelings, what’s the point of creating?

You want to feel ALIVE.

Emotions_youngpeopleFeel your heartbeat, the butterflies or the exhilaration that some of your ‘scenes’ produce.  Be excited about that adventurous moment, feel free as you live your script, feel loved as you invite new people in your life and express that love and appreciation to your co-stars; feel compassionate towards them and joyful about the moments you spend with them. It’s also ok to feel angry at people that hold you back, just don’t hang on to any negative feelings. Simply feel them, acknowledge the feeling and then leave it behind in the past as you stay present in the moment.

But what if you struggle with emotions and expressing those feelings?

Eckhart Tolle, the German-born author of “”The Power of Now,” and New York Times’ “Most popular spiritual author in the US” who was named the most spiritually influential person in the world, is giving helpful insight into expressing emotions and feeling those feelings.

Watch Eckhart Tolle’s short video by clicking on his image below and spend some time every day putting this into action.


To Your emotional life!


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