An Intuition Story That Changed The Direction Of My Life

An Intuition Story That Changed The Direction Of My Life

In 2002 I was searching for my bigger purpose, that I knew I wasn’t living at the time.

My intuition guided me to write down on a piece of paper what I was good at, what my interest were, skills, talents, passions, etc. until it felt complete.
I had no clue where this would take me or why I was doing it other than I was following my intuition.

Then my intuition guided me to look up a coaching site a friend had sent me 2 years prior. (I thought it was sports coaching)

I opened it and saw that just about everything on my list could be valuable to a coach. I was really excited.

I then decided to see what life coaching trainings were available.
Again using my intuition I found what I thought was the best coaching program and signed up for the 1st class of a series to see if it was a match or not.

At the first class I got a full body yes, that learning how to life coach was on my path.

Nine years later, I can tell you that there is no way in hell I could have told you in 2002 what my life is like today and how blessed I am for following my intuition and taking those steps.

I have grown and walked through life’s doors I didn’t know existed when I started making my list in 2002.

Taking one step at a time lead me to the next step, to the next step… Because my life is just one decision/action at a time, over time.

No one else can make my life happen for me, because they don’t make my decisions and take my actions.

Be responsible for YOU LIFE!



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