Actions Steps To Attract Money Into Your Life

Actions Steps To Attract Money Into Your Life

Marilyn’s Money Strategy #1

Unless you take the right actions in the right order towards what you desire every day, multiple times a day, you won’t create more money and other opportunities.

Create a new perspective

I’d like you to think of “thoughts and feelings” as action steps. And I want you to think of your actions as “conscious choices”.  So, when you think a thought believe that it’s an action. When you feel a feeling believe that it’s an action.  When you make a choice recognize that it’s an action.



Example of thoughts and feelings: “I wonder how money will flow to me today!”  “I feel excited about the opportunities and awesome people coming to create and play with me today.” “I love seeing my money grow and how it is supporting the people around me.” “I’m so honored to coach these amazing, creative women and watch them blossom and shine!” “All the wealth, friends, adventures, love, and opportunities bless me in my life!”

Consciously think of what you desire Photo @ Amy Treasure

Consciously think of what you desire
Photo @ Amy Treasure

I know it sounds “Pollyanna” but this is my life and how I feel as a result of the work I’ve done and asking you to do.

Examples of actions: inner work managing my thoughts and feelings in the direction I am creating for myself, following my intuition, working in my business (coaching, writing, making videos, interviewing, visioning, planning, playing, networking), resting, rejuvenating, nourishing, nature time, friend time, exercising/moving, pleasure and quality time with my partner…

Negative thoughts will create more negativity in your life

Many of you are taking actions that are keeping you stuck in your past life rather than moving you in the direction of your desires and goals. You’re spending time thinking about how you don’t have what you want, how you “should” be further along than where you are, how you can’t or don’t know how to ______or how unfair life is or how your life sucks. These actions will just get you more of what you already have.

When you feel you don’t have choices or don’t know how to do something, you revert to your unconscious habits as your action steps, thinking if you do it harder or longer it may work, but you end up living your life as replays and feel like a hamster on a wheel that can’t get off.

You have to manage your thoughts, feelings and actions in alignment with your goals and dreams.

And you can’t just think about it. The positive thought is the beginning action step but your actions need to follow. Try the action steps I list below to make more income, add to your savings and pay down your debt. 

Actions Steps You Need To Take In Order To Attract Money Into Your Life:

  1. Experience your feelings and thoughts as if your life is ALREADY rich and wealthy. It doesn’t matter where you are now…experience richness, abundance, opportunities, magic, miracles, and loving energy all around you. …find it and feel it. Shift you perspective!
  2. Receive what comes to you. Opportunities, compliments, caring…. Money won’t come to you if you can’t receive in all areas of your life!
  3. Know your worthiness to have all the wealth and money you desire. You were born worthy! No one can take your worthiness from you.
  4. Commit to your goals & dreams by investing your attention to it every day, multiple times per day, and don’t let your doubts, fears, old habits or someone else keep you from going for it. What you put your attention on grows!
  5. Surround yourself with other people who respect money and have a good relationship with it. Learn from those who already have more than you!
  6. Release negative perceptions, beliefs, and habits you have about money & yourself
  7. Pay conscious attention daily to your money. Document what comes in and pay your bills. Set daily, weekly, monthly money intentions. Let yourself be guided by your intuition and your conscious thoughts & feelings.
What you put your attention to grows. Imagine what you want as if it already exists. Photo @Sweet Ice Cream Photography

What you put your attention to grows. Imagine what you want as if it already exists.
Photo @Sweet Ice Cream Photography

What you put your attention on grows

Let me know if you have any questions and please comment on what you got out of this blog. Any comments and feedback is helping me share more useful tools, information and topics. I want to blog about topics that interest you, that inspire you and keep you focused on living your turned-ON life.

If you are struggling with any of the actions above, schedule a Free Complimentary 60 min. Discovery Session with me and let’s see what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck.

Change Your Thoughts and Feelings To live a turned-ON life!


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