A Gift That Says I Deeply Care

Give Her Something That Says, “I Deeply Care For You!”

This Season Give the Gift of Ease, Harmony, Prosperity, and Love.

The Gift:  Evolutionary Guidance:  life coaching,
intuitive reading, energy work, stress reduction and therapeutic practices…

A gift that will positively change her life! One that:

will empower her,
create clarity for her,
will increase her ease and harmony,
and reveal her essence, her brilliance!

Make your holiday shopping easy with
Marilyn O’Malley’s Evolutionary Guidance Gift Certificates

My special gift to you: take $50 off the regular purchase of a single session or
$100 off a package of 4 sessions.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


I work with individuals all over the world, you do
not need to live where I do to have a session with me.
All sessions can be in person, on the phone or on skype.

Payment is made through Paypal, Marilyn O’Malley.
Gift Certificates will be sent via email for you to print
or if you desire through the mail.

Please call me with any questions


Single session with $50 gift is $125

Package of 4 sessions with $100 gift is $400

Marilyn O’Malley contact information

805 883-8598 




Marilyn O’Malley is a certified life coach and facilitator of positive change. As the co-founder of Essence Coaches and the owner of her own coaching business for 10 years, Marilyn is a soulful entrepreneur and leader. She started her work in the 1980s, at the John F. Kennedy University, studying parapsychology and designing a program that blended academic studies with holistic practices. She went on to apply her interest in the brain with therapeutic body work, helping clients heal traumas, enhance performance and reduce chronic stress. She’s studied with John Assaraf, the mind trainer featured in the movie The Secret, has been mentored by David Morelli in working with the intuition and reading energy, of the Enwaken Coaching & Leadership Program. She is certified with the prestigious Coach Training Institute. Over the past 30 years, Marilyn has dedicated herself to helping others develop their mind, body and spirit in healthy, joyful, and successful ways.

What makes Marilyn unique is her trainings, life experiences and ability to guide you to lasting transformation through working with your energy, your brain, and your minds. She has spent her life studying 
personal power, success and continues to learn and grow  from many experts in various fields. She shares her skills, the latest knowledge and practical tools, empowering you to better manage your energy, life and business for greater results of personal expression, abundance, love, health and happiness.

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