9 Steps from Idea to Finished Project: Getting Things Done

9 Steps from Idea to Finished Project: Getting Things Done

Most creatives and creative entrepreneurs are really good at coming up with exciting new ideas but don’t know how to follow through and complete them.

That description used to fit me very well, I used to be one of those creatives that would get new ideas for projects every even multiple times a day. But I didn’t understand that as a creative ideas will never stop flowing and in order to do something with those ideas, they needed my immediate or even future focus.

Staying focused on one vision till the conclusion of it is not often a skill that creatives learn.

As a creative you practiced creativity, brainstorming, problem-solving, and expanding your imagination. You are usually not result oriented and more focused on the journey.

Children and young adults have been told that creativity itself is not valuable. So as an adult you don’t really believe what you create will matter and you don’t follow through with it. You are most likely terrified (consciously or subconsciously) of not being good enough, so you tell yourself not to take yourself too seriously. There’s  a great article on “TheWhat-the-Hell effect” that ties in really nice with this. You don’t want other people to judge or criticize your work because you are already your worst critic, and you don’t finish what you started, or sometimes don’t even start it in the first place.

As a creative it has been priceless to have structures in my life. They have actually made me wealthier, more productive, more confident, more trusting of my skills and talents, and it allotted me more time to play and nurture myself. It has allowed me to see that what I create matters and I do have influence and impact in the world!

You matter and what you do matters!

So it is really important that you learn how to take your favorite and most powerful ideas and turn them into a project and follow through until the end; that you actually create what you imagined in your mind. It will not only help you by making you happier and feel more confident, but you will add so much to other people’s life by them being able to experience your ideas!

That’s why I put together this video Manage Your Time to Create Big, explaining the basic structures on how to go from idea to finished project. Positive change will happen if you commit to them. Know that your habits and programming will not want you to change.

Having someone to hold you accountable and help you move through your resistance to change is key.

Once you learn to take control and manage your time by creating a plan of action and following through on it you will create new habits, trust and confidence in yourself that will influence all areas of your life; wealth, relationships, business, free time, pleasure, fulfillment….

To make you create a plan of action on how to Create Your Big outcome, I’ve summarized the steps from the video for you below.


Steps for Creating Your Big Outcome:

  1. Get clear on the outcome you desire and why it’s important for you to complete it.
  2. Chunk it down to make it manageable. Use a mind map like the one below. I explain more about mind-mapping in the video. Also, read this amazing UCLA Study about visualizing the individual steps of the mind-map of a project rather than the outcome alone and how it affected the success of the completion.
  3. Pick one area of your map that you are going to work on.
    Then determine how many hours (estimate if you don’t have an idea) it will take. Pick the date you would like this part of your project completed.
  4. Schedule the time allotted for this project in your calendar all the way through the due date right away.
  5. Do the work when you scheduled the time to do it. Don’t let yourself be distracted!
  6. Clear any resistance that comes up for you as you take action (contact me if you need additional guidance to clear resistance or schedule your FREE Discovery Session to figure out what exactly the resistance is that needs to be cleared)
  7. Find an accountability partner who will really hold you accountable.
  8. Celebrate the completion of this step!!!
  9. Pick your next step on your mind-map and repeat steps 3-9 until done.
Chunk down your project based on a Mind Map of the project

Chunk down your project based on a Mind Map of the project

If you need some motivation on getting your tasks done, check out writer/developer Nathan Barry who forced himself to write 1000 words per day and accomplished 3 self-published books and thousands of dollars in sales!

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