7 Day Millennials & Money Challenge

 Let’s play together!

Listen to the video below to find out how

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I invite you to take this 7 Day Millennials & Money Challenge

This challenge is to awaken possibilities for you to expand your life,
your influence and your love!

Just by putting your attention on the questions I pose you will discover answers, stimulate creativity and have fun. This daily focus will start to change how you perceive and relate to money, abundance and your worthiness. 

Saturday, February 14 – 21  

Mind on money


  1. listen to my short, less than 3 minute, video each day

  2. discover your answer

  3. create and share your response to the video question (video, photo with comment, poetry, music…)

  4. then share it socially with the #MoneyChallenge

  5. and ask others to play along

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Saturday, February 14 – 21

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