6 (must do) Steps To Manifest Your Desires

6 (must do) Steps To Manifest Your Desires
STEP 1: Decide what you truly desire.
A partner, a job you love, more money, a trip, new friends, a new home, tickets to a concert, a mentor, clients…..etc.If it is a big desire, it has to be something that you really want, so you will keep going till you get it.

The desire to have it accomplished is very important.
If you don’t have the desire you won’t accomplish it.
So make sure it is a desire you really really want!
Write down a list of things you want and rate each 1-10 how much you desire it,
10 being it is very true you want that and are willing to do what it takes to get it.

STEP 2: Clear your mind of doubt and fears.
Manage your inner critic and ego

Don’t engage in conversations with them.
Keep a clear and present mind-being focused in the present moment.

You are in charge of your minds focus not the other way around.
You will have to become the leader of your mind.
It is like training a dog to walk on a leash next to you without having it pull in any other direction.

Your ego only knows the past and fears its demise in the future.
It will buck change and feels it has to do everything to keep you safe.
The ego will sound like, “remember when, remember what happened, they are against us,
it’s not safe, this is how we’ve always done things.

Your inner critic is your negative programmed voice from childhood.
It could be your own critical voice or one of your parents, siblings….
Emotions of disappointment, shame, anxiety… and thoughts about how you’re not good enough,not smart enough and unworthy to have what you desire are a result of this inner critic.
You’re not deserving and you’re not perfect enough.

Neither of these negative voices serves you to accomplish your desired manifestation.
They take you away from it.
You want to set up your life so your mind and your energy support you always moving towards your desire! 

Read that sentence again!
You need to learn to clear you mind of these voices and not give them power over your conscious choices to focus on your desire.
So learning to manage your thoughts and energy levels is key to manifesting what expands your life.

The hardest part of these steps is holding your focus on what you desire without letting
these unconscious negative voices occupy your mind and put a STOP ORDER to your desire to the Universe.
This is why it is so important to KNOW, your next step. 

STEP 3Focus on you desire until you attain an intimate state of mind with it,
you feel/KNOW you already have it.
kissing life
You’ll experienced this by traveling to the future in your mind
so that it feels that it has already happened one day ago, one month, or a year ago.

You’ll know you are there because you won’t need or want it because you’ll feel like you have.

  • What are you feeling as a result of having/being or doing what you desire?
  • Experience the gratitude for that it is now in your life as a result of having it.
  • How grateful are you that you demonstrated what you could do with your mind?
  • Notice how long it took to happen and how it came in at the perfect time and in the perfect way.
  • See and feel how relaxed you are having/being/doing it.
  • Look at how it came into your life.
  • Feel how right it feels that you designed having it and you got it and now it is your experience.
  • What did you feel like the day you got it?
  • What is your sense of accomplishment and success.?
  • How are you able to use your success to inspire more success.
  • Create Daily practice of putting your attention on your desire until you feel that you’ve actually experienced it. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Get this intimate with your desire!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
When you experience it this way you will have the feeling “ YES of Course I will have it”                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

It can take 10 minutes or a lot longer…. the time it takes for you to imagine this doesn’t matter.

What DOES MATTER IS, it HAS to happen in your mind FIRST!
If you can’t imagine it it won’t happen.

When you’ve felt you’ve had it then you can move on to Step 4, but not until then.

STEP 4: You KNOW your desire will show up in the PERFECT TIME and in the BEST WAY for YOU.  
There is no worry, fear, anxiety or pushing.

This state of mind demonstrates an abundance mindset to The Universe.
You are detached to wanting it because in your mind you already have attained it and therefore you don’t need to have it any longer.
Attention is on your desire and you KNOW that you will manifest it in the best way and best time for you.

STEP 5: Take the right actions to bring it into everyone else’s realityimages

Desire ————> Action Examples:

Design a product – write a book, create a workshop, meet a need or desire of others…
Make more money – evaluate all the ways you can make money and choose one
(provide more services/apply for a better position/ask for a raise/get a second job/investing or leveraging your money…)
Buy a home – research what you need to know about buying a home, talk to Realtors, look at open houses….
Take a trip – research destination/buy tickets….

Find a partner – decide what kind of person you are looking for and how the relationship serves both of you,
look around at all the people who are in your environment, connect….
With each thing you want to create you become an expert on it through your attention to it.Make your desires your dominant thoughts,  focused in a relaxed and detached way, without needing or wanting it.

Be excited about creating it! Keep your energy high while your attention is on it.
If energy drops while taking steps, take a break and go do something to raise your energy and come back to it

STEP 6: keep going until the reality in your mind has been created into everyone else’s reality too.
Choose to keep going until you manifest your desire.
You can’t force manifestation into existence.
If you find yourself stuck check in and see if any of the above steps have not been completed or is out of alignment like:

  • Is your mindset detached and knowing it will manifest at the right time and in best way.
  • Are you engaging with your ego and inner critic and they have succeeded in stopping your order to The Universe?
  • Have you lost your intimate KNOWING of your desire?
The only reason you will ever stop desiring is when you no longer desire it.

If this is new to you start with small desires and build your confidence for your bigger desires.

Some ideas for creating smaller desires are:

$100, a new friend, receiving compliments or acknowledgments, a date,
a meal you dream of having, a call from someone you desire to talk with….

Always be open for something greater than your original
desire happening. 

Please share this with others and leave comments on your manifestation experience!
Happy Manifesting!

Loving you,


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