6-Step Guide to Landing Your Next Career

6-Step Guide to Landing Your Next Career

When my my daughter was looking for a job after college, I put together this 6-Step-Plan for her. I know many of you are in a similar position and wonder how you can accomplish that important, major goal. Finding a new position or career can be daunting, but also exhilarating.

This 6-Step system works if you work it daily. Remember, successful people do what unsuccessful aren’t willing to do. (HINT: all of the below!)
Here are 6 simple steps on how you can land your next job.


6-Step Plan To Landing Your Next Job or Career


First of all, every morning and at bedtime: Visualize your job/career as if you already have it. How do you feel and think about yourself and your life? What does it feel like to be working at the job/career? What do you want to learn?

Furthermore, what industry are you interested in learning more about or do you feel called to work in? What companies would you like to support by working for them? Why? Do you want to work abroad and travel or stay in your home country? How grateful are you for your job, paycheck, meaningfulness or the services or products you offer?

You will be learning as well as contributing to the cause of the company your work for, so what is it you want or need in order to progress and grow in your field of interest? What excites you? i.e. Learning, creating, connecting, getting a paycheck, being independent, contributing to a team, helping the less fortunate?

Especially relevant,  go and explore areas in your field of interest, talk to people who are already doing what you think you would like to do, visit businesses to add to your visualization.


You don’t have to have all the details, just KNOW what it would feel like


Do you feel grateful, excited, adventurous, empowered, free, independent, happy, relieved, inspired, expanding in knowledge?

Use all your senses to visualize yourself doing what you like to do. Make all the feelings and perceptions up as if they are real right now. Additionally, see yourself making money, depositing your paycheck in the bank and imagine your savings growing and paying off your debts, decorating your apartment, eating & entertaining and making new friends. Imagine yourself managing money, feeling safe, growing confident and more secure, maturing, and learning from your new job.

Most of all, let yourself think big and out of the box! Ask the Universe, “What is something I haven’t imagined, yet, that would be really good for me? Show me the way to my next job/career and put the people or events that can help me reach my goal in my way.“

Everything you learn will add to your next experience, so no job is wasted. Each job is a stepping-stone to your next expanding opportunity.

People aren’t lucky, they are prepared.


You will learn people skills, build your confidence, and learn how to manage money, yourself and others among many other skills.

Landing your next job or career

Expect things to happen the way you want them to.

STEP 2: 

EXPECT what you want will happen, yet you don’t have to know how. Have faith that you are going to do, have and be what you imagine because having faith equals very powerful energy. Don’t allow doubt, worry or fear to interfere with your thoughts and expectations! When you feel any of these lower energy feelings STOP them as quickly as you notice them and do a quick version of #1 (visualize) or just say & feel what you want to happen or feel.


LET go and let God (Universe.) You are not forcing what you want with obsession, you trust it will happen. Wishing really hard over and over is really saying to the Universe/God/Source I don’t trust you are going to support me and I fear I can’t do it on my own. The Universe wants for you what you want for yourself.

Your doubts, fears and limiting beliefs are what stop you from manifesting your job or career.

STEP 4: 

REMOVE your blocks and resistance to what it is that you desire. Find your limiting beliefs and fears and transform them into empowering visions and affirmations so nothing can stop you.

Know you are worthy and good enough to go for your dreams and goals.

Landing your next job or career

Take action and do something towards realizing your goal daily



TAKE action:
Do something every day that moves you towards your desire. Get out and be seen!




Try these exercises:

• 2x daily visualize your new job/ career until you land it

• Use your intuition to ask for direction from the Universe. Listen and take action.

• Make a daily plan as to what you will do that day. If you don’t plan for success you plan to fail. What are 1-3 things you will do today (besides the first 2 bullet points) that could lead you to your next job/career?

• What do you need to learn that will help you get that job/ career? Start learning it while you look for that job/career.

• Network with alumni, meet-ups, NAWBO, BNI, or special interest groups, family friends, and friends family members…

• Research avenues of opportunity or possibilities such as leads from people you know, craigslist.com job lists, in addition to temp services postings, head hunters or from your intuition. Surround yourself with people working in the industry/trade you are interested in. Where do they hang out? Go there and get to know them.

• Clear baggage-beliefs and thinking patterns that are keeping you stuck. Change thoughts like “I can’t” to “I can and will!” Don’t let “I don’t’ know,” stop you!!! Get out and find out what you need to know.

• Apply and go on interviews in your field of interest after researching the company you are applying for or type of business you want to create.


Landing your next job or career

Staying excited about your job or career will keep you motivated and persistent.


Finally, be excited, Persistent and Consistent!

Keep your energy high for as long as you can because that is the gas that fuels your goal/desire. Be excited about what job/career is coming to you.

Fear, worry, and doubt equals low energy that will only attract more things to worry, fear or doubt about.
You are changing your subconscious mind to want and focus on something different than it already knows. This can feel uncomfortable and your ego will try and fight it to get you to do the things and think the thoughts you are used to.

Everything is energy therefore you are giving the quantum universe information to attract to you what you want. That is why it is important for you to keep yourself conscious of what you want and not what you don’t want.


Be persistent in your doing and being to move towards your desire every day – don’t give up.


It is usually within 11th hour that results come true, hence never give up.

Be consistent in putting your attention on what you desire. Feel the higher energy, visualize, have faith every day to change your limiting subconscious programming.

Create an environment that supports your growth with positive & high energy people, clean, uncluttered & beautiful home and office space.

Follow these 6 steps and you will land that job or career! If you don’t know what job or career you want you may want to take the Passion Test or have a complementary Enhance Your Life Discovery Session with me.

Let me know how this works for you. I will have an e-book out shortly that will elaborate on this in more detail.

To your success in landing a job/career that will enhance your life!

Loving you,

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