5 Powerful Steps to Kick Holiday Stress, Highly Sensitives

5 Powerful Steps to Kick Holiday Stress, Highly Sensitives

It’s the Holiday stress time when life can feel overwhelming with added social events and longer to do lists. The stress, anxiety and overwhelm can be minimalized if you take good care of yourself. With strategic planning and conscious monitoring of your energy and emotions, you will have a holiday that fulfills you instead of depletes you.

To help you navigate I’m sharing 5 Powerful Steps for Highly Sensitives to Kick Holiday Stress with tools to help you.


Here is what is causes highly sensitives holiday stress:

  • overwhelmed – there are too much to do and too many places to be
  • empathy –  you’re feeling other people’s stress and anxiety as your own
  • overstimulation – travel challenges, parties, too many people, not enough alone time,  …
  • run away creative mind – feeling disconnected or not safe around family or friends
  • depleted energy – you dropped your self-care
  • money worries

Boot holiday stress out of your life and fill you up with more joy, love, and connection.

holiday self-care

Practice these 5 steps to kick stress this holiday season.

1. Don’t take things personally

When other people do, say or react remember, It’s not about you!
People who cut you off in traffic, bump into you and say stupid thoughtless things are stressed out and dealing with their own stuff even if they are intimate with you. Realizing this can relieve you of a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress.
When someone reacts or acts out, say to yourself, “It’s not about me!”
You are not the center of their universe, they are.

How people react and feel is the result of the “meaning” they put on an event. It has to do with what they believe about themselves and the world. People’s reactions are their responsibility and are a result of their beliefs, habits and childhood conditioning.

(Abuse is not to be tolerated, which is another matter that I’m not discussing here)

2. Take responsibly for your thoughts, emotions, and actions

You create how you feel. So choose the emotions you want to experience this holiday season and then think the thoughts that help to create those feelings. Create emotional intentions for your holiday season and plan out how to manifest them.

Let’s pretend you want a peaceful and fun holiday season. What thoughts and actions lead you to peaceful feelings?  Do the same for feeling fun. Make a list of the thoughts and actions and start implementing them. Remember all of this creation starts with you first and then overflows into your world

Peaceful:  Meditate and ground daily, attend Xmas-eve midnight mass and/or  winter solstice gathering, spend time in nature, give myself plenty of time, only go to events that are meaningful to me, have clear boundaries, plan and structure for ease, know your limits, ask for and allow support, remove clutter from your environment and mind, don’t listen to news, spa day, aromatherapy bath…  “I am peaceful, my life is filled with peace, what makes my life so peaceful?, I am so grateful for all the peace in my life,…”

Fun:  Join a caroling group, attend only fun holiday parties, bake with your family/friends, make fun handmade gifts for friends, dance, dress up, give to people who don’t expect it, create new traditions, intimate dinner parties, decorate and celebrate… “My life is filled with fun, I am fun, I love having fun, Fun opportunities abound, what is making my life feel so fun, I am surrounded with fun and peaceful people, I will have fun this holiday…”

You have to choose what you’d love to experience and then create it through
your thoughts, feelings, and actions!




3. Take care of yourself energetically, mind, body, and spirit.

We are made of energy and we are receiving and projecting energy all day long. As energy beings, we are like radio towers tuning in on other people’s frequencies around us. We can pick up and own a lot of energetic information that is not ours. As HSPs you can pick up on other people’s feelings and moods (empathy) and take them on as your own. So it is really important to become conscious about clearing your energy field (your body and the space around you) and not taking on other people’s emotions.



5. Take action to manifest your plan 

Visualize every morning and evening what you envisioned in Step 4. Feel the feelings and see yourself already doing, having and being what you dreamed up above.

Embody these emotions throughout the day.  Make decisions and plans while you are feeling these emotions.

Stay focused on your intention, taking one step at a time expanding your emotions as if you’ve already achieved it and you love your life.

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Happy Holidays

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