5 New Habits that will keep you Energized and Focused on Succeeding

5 New Habits that will keep you Energized and Focused on Succeeding
  • Do you wake up dragging or anxious?
  • Do you feel like you are all over the place emotionally throughout the day?
  • Do you easily get distracted and feel confused and end up not getting much done during the day?
  • Is your day filled with worry and fears?
  • Do you jump from idea to idea without a plan and don’t complete projects?

If you said YES to any of these you will want to read further.

Highly sensitive and Creative people are easily affected by their environment. Learning to manage your energy (as well as keeping other’s energy out – Learn how HERE) is key to building the successful life and business you desire.

Photo by Benjamin Combs Feeling zapped? Create 5 New habits

Photo by Benjamin Combs
Feeling zapped? Create 5 New habits


Leaving things to chance is not a proven system for reaching your goals and dreams. Read below and learn 5 habits that will sustain you in being an empowered, healthy and impactful presence living your purpose and passions.

Top 5 Solutions to Break Habits that Keep you from Being a Strong and Creative Leader and Entrepreneur

(1) Being unClear about the outcomes you want to create in your life keeps you in confusion and with little interest in taking any action. Being unclear is a self-sabotaging habit that undermines people’s happiness and success. If you don’t know what to put your attention on, you are leaving yourself to live an undirected life that wastes your time and energy. You end up feeling uninspired, like a victim, or not good enough because you aren’t creating anything.

SOLUTION: Make a list or journal about what you desire to have, do and be in 2016. Chunk down each goal and vision into actionable steps. Prioritize your steps and goals, and then create a long and short term plan with daily intentions that move you towards your desired outcome. Inspiration, passion and excitement fuel you.


Photo by Scott Webb Ground yourself to nature multiple x per day

Photo by Scott Webb
Ground yourself to nature multiple x per day

(2) Being unGrounded means you are not fully in your body, not present, you’re more in your head and hanging outside of your body. You feel spacey, with spinning thoughts, and/or feel overwhelmed by everything around you. You’re influenced by all the different energies in your life. This can feel like you’re a leaf in a windstorm. If someone’s happy you feel happy and if someone’s depressed then you feel the depression. A lot of times you’ll “not feel like yourself.” Without energetic boundaries and self-care you can feel out of control, sick, and drained. This ungrounded energy puts you in survival mode rather than having you confidently feeling safe and thriving.

SOLUTION: Connect to nature multiple times a day and to Source/God/Universal Intelligence with a daily practice. Garden, Swim, meditate, walk on beach, play wit animals… Grounding yourself and managing your energy allows you to feel empowered and set healthy boundaries.

Use this Grounding Guide for quick and easy grounding: 

Photo by Jenelle Ball Rest in the present moment to connect to your Intuition

Photo by Jenelle Ball
Rest in the present moment to connect to your Intuition

(3) Living in fear, worry and doubt sucks your life force energy right out of you. Why? Because it puts you into fight/flight stress response and takes you out of your natural creative and expansive mode. In fight/ flight your body is stressed out trying to survive.  Feeling this way over time burns out your adrenal and nervous system. When you are focused on what you don’t want instead of what you do want, you stop the flow of creativity, intuition, compassion and connection.

SOLUTION: Stay in the present moment by connecting with the senses of your body. Listen to the sounds around you, taste the food you’re eating, look in the person’s eyes across from whom you sit. When your mind can rest in the present moment it is more connected to your intuition, to what’s really going on including inspirations and new possibilities.

(4) Being in negative and low energy relationships, gossiping, complaining, and blaming instead of being in positive and high energy relationships, being grateful and loving. Negative energy is low dense energy that drags you and anyone around you down. When you talk negatively with and about other people you are adding to the downturn of energy and become part of the problem.

Gossiping does nothing good for you or anybody else around you

Gossiping does nothing good for you or anybody else around you

Entertaining negative thoughts and feelings drains your power and ability to positively influence. When you engage in gossip, complaining and blaming with those around you give your power away. This drains creative and life force energy from you and puts you in stress response because you don’t feel in control, safe or worthy. Remember what you put out comes back to you many times over.

SOLUTION: Free yourself from your habits of speaking and thinking negatively. Be selective of who you spend time with. Stop engaging in gossip, complaining, and blaming and start complimenting or reflecting back to others their brilliance.  Celebrate others and surround yourself with people who celebrate you. Look for ways to positively support others. Be grateful for all your experiences and learn from your challenges.

(5) Lack of Self-Care equals disrespect for yourself and lack of worthiness and depletes your energy physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and in relationships.

SOLUTION: Cultivate a self-care practice that will energize you and sustain you to have the     greatest impact doing what you are called to do as a leader. Take care of your physical body with good nutritional foods, move your body, drink lots of good water, and get 7-8 hours of sleep. Commit to being your best lover. Make your physical environment as healthy and pleasing as possible. A cluttered environment assaults the senses, irritates and distracts from creativity, peace of mind and full focus.

Manage your thoughts, beliefs and emotions in support of your success and happiness.

Some type of meditation or quite time helps you learn to have control over your mind, allows you to make better decisions using your intuition and trains your ‘focus muscle.’

Photo by Les Dubedout. Having clear goals is part of the success

Photo by Les Dubedout.
Having clear goals is part of the success

Stop multi-tasking!

Learn to uncover and transform your negative habits and programmed beliefs. Be more present to who you really are and who you are becoming.

Manage your money and money programming, so you are not selling yourself short and feeling not good enough, unworthy and not perfect enough. Know your value and that you and your actions matter.

Use this Tapping session if you are often overwhelmed and not feeling good enough.


Surround yourself with loving, high energy, conscious, supportive, and creative people and have fun living a turned-ON life doing what you love and following your passions.

Choose all of the above habits to work on at once or choose one or two to focus on consistently and you will see new lasting, healthy, empowering results in your life!

Surround yourself with loving, supportive and loving people

Surround yourself with loving, supportive and positive people

Let me know how this positively changed your life.
Any Ah-has?

Loving you



  1. Thank you so much for this inspiring post Marilyn. And for reminding how crucial it is to get the habits you are talking about and yet it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by life daily worries. I’ve been feeling so much better after starting my almost (!) daily routine of meditation and yoga and excercise some months ago. It has been an incredible treatment for recovering after a very traumatic event. One doctor asked me if I took antidepressants to help me grief and I was so proud to say no, none, and pointing to my head (like saying: I’ve been learning to practice The power of my mind).. But I need to be constantly reminded, so as not to fall back into my old habits. Thanks so much Marilyn, for the amazing job you do

    • Valentia, Thank you for your comment and for honoring yourself!
      Staying focused on your healing, health, wealth, love and gratitude daily nourishes us. You are a powerful women!
      Loving you,

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