5 Essential Daily Healing Exercises for Highly Sensitives

5 Essential Daily Healing Exercises for Highly Sensitives

Learn at least 5 daily healing exercises to help you be more grounded, calm, peaceful and healthy in these crazy times. I don’t know about you but I have been through some crazy mind, body and spiritual challenges these last two months. It’s almost felt like a sci-fi movie, in and out of different realities.

Spiritually we are in a period of time that is asking us to wake up where we are unconsciously asleep, so we can energetically evolve. As we get shaken awake it can feel stressful because the process will have us facing our greatest fears and in order to face these fears and discover our brilliant truths we need to have a clear mind, inspiration, creativity, inner strength, connection and peace of mind.

These Energy Exercises have been a part of my healing process and a saving grace supporting me, so I thought I’d share some them with you.



  1. Clear your energy for greater attention and clarity

♥ “Anyone’s energy that isn’t mine, go back to your owner”

♥ Clear your energy centers, chakras

  1. Hook Up to Source, God, Quantum or Universal Field for

    inspiration, guidance, and creativity

♥ Hands in the air

♥ Charging the Mobile Home

♥ Hearts

  1. Create Healthy energetic Boundaries with a strong presence to reduce

    overwhelm and overstimulation

♥ Celtic weave- strengthen your energy system

♥ Turn up your life force energy

♥ Fluff your aura

  1. Ground for a strong supportive foundation to find peace and inner strength

♥ hook up

♥ tapping on cheekbones,

♥ roots of a tree,

♥ stand barefoot or lay down on the earth

  1. Meditation – quiet your mind

♥2o minutes of quiet – let your mind go into space connected to everything without body and time…

♥ beginner- light a candle and watch the flame for 2 minutes

I’d appreciate your comments or any question below in comments.
Please pass this onto some Highly Sensitive whose in transition that would benefit from the information.  Thank you!!!!

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