4 Things You Have a Choice Over

AwarenessI trust that all you Mothers celebrated Yourself and received lots of appreciation from your families. If not, take the time and WOO HOO! YOURSELF now and everyday!  All of you have had to overcome inner obstacles to mother and be there for your children in ways that were not natural for you. Mothering is the most important job on the planet and it lasts a life time. And our children and families are usually our greatest teachers!

​Today, I’m going to share something crucial that changed my life and it will change your life, too. I have a link to a brilliant free book and videos by one of my long-time mentors, Bill Harris of The Secret & Holosync Meditation, elaborating scientifically on this topic. I have been using Holosync meditation for 13 years and I can attest to all the benefits he shares.

A well lived life is a result of increasing the amount of choice you have.

The first step to making any change in your life is raising your awareness which in turns allows you to make more choices! Read that again.

Awareness creates choice. Once you have a choice you will naturally choose what best serves you and others.

​But, not everything can be a choice.

The things you have the most choice about are the things that:

– you create and originate from you

– you  create with awareness

Awareness = the ability to observe how you are creating something as you do it and seeing the consequences as they happen. It is all about watching to see how you generate a certain outcome as it happens.

The 4 things you can have a choice over.  

  1. How you feel
  2. How you behave
  3. Which people and situations you attract and are attracted to you
  4. What meanings you assign to what happens

Until you grow your awareness about 99% of the time you are unconsciously creating these from childhood programming or traumas.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could chose the above four choices all the time. Your life would change dramatically! Mine has.

Here are some examples:

When I started taking responsibility for creating my life using my awareness I had to pay attention to where I didn’t like the results I was having in the four areas listed above.

Once I recognized a feeling, behavior, negative attraction or meaning I then had to become aware of what I wanted to create and consciously make the decision to create that and take whatever actions were required and then watch for the outcome. Not all  outcomes are immediate, so you have to hold your focus and not allow yourself to fall back into unconscious default mode.

  1. I noticed that if my husband didn’t listen to me, my default feeling was, I wasn’t good enough to be listened to and that I had poor communication skills since he was an attorney. I wasn’t perfect therefore I didn’t deserve the attention I desired. Creating a new meaning with awareness,  I focused on the fact that I was worth listening to and that I had good communication skills, which empowered me to speak up more often with authority and be heard rather than backing down and feeling like a victim.
  1. Another time I saw I wasn’t following through on completing a project for my coaching certification that I had committed to.  I was sabotaging myself by putting the kids, my husband, friends, the house and the garden before me.  I desired to be a good role model for my kids and my clients and I knew I had something valuable to offer the world so I choose to see the value in my studies and gifts and make them a priority. I took new action and prioritized daily my scheduled for me to achieve my goals and let go of the things I was doing that were not as valuable.

These simple yet profound steps of becoming aware and making choices from that awareness began transformation of me living my turned on life. If you will grow your awareness and create opportunities for you to make more choices you to can live your turned on life.

So I would like to challenge you to choose one of the four areas below and raise your awareness of it this week and make conscious choices for what you desire.

If you’re in the top 1% of people with high awareness abilities already, watch what keeps repeating in your life right now that is calling out for change and apply your awareness there.

  1. How you feel
  2. How you behave
  3. Which people and situations you attract and are attracted to you
  4. What meanings you assign to what happens

Please share what you choose and the results.

I highly recommend that you download The Science of Super Awareness by Bill Harris 

Making these choices will create your turned on life!


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