4 Sure-Fire Steps to Free Yourself from Anxiety

4 Sure-Fire Steps to Free Yourself from Anxiety

Anxiety, we all have it and some more than others.

A full-blown anxiety or panic attack can feel paralyzing and life threatening. You feel like you’re outside your body, confused or spacey. It feels hard to breath and you have a strong sensation of doom, like you’re going to die even though you may be home safely reading a book in your bed.

On the lighter end of the anxiety spectrum you may feel afraid and very vulnerable with “what if I fail?” thoughts crossing your mind. Before giving a speech on stage, you think you can’t remember anything, with an upset stomach, heart racing and flushed face.

Anxiety is a mind-body connection, the mind having thoughts and the body reacting with hormonal releases to create the feelings we have. The body can have an addiction to stress and anxiety and trigger the mind to create the thoughts that will produce the stress mechanism so you can feel anxious and stressed.

Watch the video to learn more about anxiety, why you experience it and follow the 4 steps I lay out to free yourself of that anxiety.

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