OMG what a week I had. I went to Brendon Burchards workshop called

High Performance Academy for four days. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Brendon is a masterful spirit unlike anyone else I know. He is such a master to hold an audience of 600+ attendees with such care and enthusiasm that the room feels very intimate. 

It is incredible to be in a room full of high performers who are all playing full out to up-level their lives and yours. No sacrificing there. 

Life is soooooo exciting at this higher level of energy and openness!

It is incredibly exhilarating sharing with others what you are excited about and hearing what others are up to and learning from each other.

I so appreciated Brendon’s holistic approach of building a high energy sustainable life. 

We covered psychology, physiology, productivity and persuasion as well as performance and purpose. 

He brought in high performance people to share their insights and experiences with us. We had Arianna HuffingtonJim KwikHarvey MckayJJ VirginDr. Susanne and Dean Grazio. Each uniquely successful and down to earth, sharing their struggles and strategies with us.


Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?
Brendon Burchard shares a story of being in a bad car accident in his early twenties. He and a friend didn’t make a sharp turn on an island road and he climbs out of the car and stands on the crushed roof bleeding and broken wondering if he would live. And   three questions came to his mind; did I live, did I love and did I matter? 
The answers weren’t what he would have liked, so he set out to do those three things in his life.
I also had the opportunity to ask myself those three questions when I was in my early twenties. I was on St. Croix in the Virgin Islands and a hurricane was heading straight for us and there was no way off. The forcast was bleak. I thought the island was going to be devistated and I was not sure of my fate. I was vacationing and a girl friend and I were on our own. 
Waiting for a natural dissater to happen gives you time to ponder you life. Have I lived?  Have I loved? Have I mattered? Did everyone that I loved know I loved them…
Yes was the answer to all, but I wasn’t ready to die,  I was just getting started! 
Luckly for me the hurrican changed directions the last hour before landing! The whole experience dwelling on my mortality got me thinking about what was really important. I had to consider whether I was living or dying, loving or critical, and positively or negatively influencing others.  
So I want to ask you to take time to consider for yourself, without a dissaster or death defying accident; Are you living, Are you loving, and do you matter? 
Take time to journal and see where you are rocking it and celebrate!
And if you are not, note what is holding you back and what it would look like if you were living it full out. 
Now share these answers with 5 people and ask them share with you.
We are not sharing enough with each other!
Sharing helps peole feel connected and that they matter.
You all matter to me! 

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