Women Waking Up & Redefining Their Lives!

Women Waking Up & Redefining Their Lives!
WOW what a summer!

My life has been one adventure after another since May, traveling around the country, redefining the way I do business and live my life, so my life is better aligned to meet my needs and values. The reasons I have been able to have these adventures and all my Queenly pleasures is because I have allowed myself to express my true purpose and nature in the world rather than abandoning them. 

What is true for me is to play, travel, inspire, love, and help people transform their lives to feel and be more loving.

When you are happily being you and asking for what you really desire, the Universe conspires with you. The more you are YOU, you will manifest what makes you dance and sing with joy.   

One area that I have been owning more fully is my feminine power. I had abandon her at an early age because I didn’t think she was as powerful, abundant or free as the males I knew, so I tried to live more masculine than feminine in order to feel more powerful and free.

Today I am thrilled to see other women waking up and seeing that the way they are living and working is killing them and it isn’t nourishing or solving any of the present challenges that are plaguing their lives, humanity and our world. I feel the energy of a revolution happening with women who are recognizing where they have given their power away and deciding to reclaim it and up-leveling the way they live, conduct business and connect to each other around the world.

Are you recognizing this movement within yourself and around you?

I was really excited when I saw Queen, Arianna Huffington speaking out for people and corporations to start waking up and stop walking around like zombies. To do what is right for humanity and not just for profits. The old definition of success is not working today we need to redefine it. Listen to her powerful keynote speech at an Inbound 2013 where she shares adding well-being, creativity and turning inward as key components to success.  Arianna Huffington Keynote Inbound 2013

If well-being is key to your success then one step to your well-being is your daily nutritional habits. I meet with Queen, Maria Schonder this month and learned about her solutions for women thinking they don’t have time to cook.  I want to introduce her as someone to have on your support team to offer you new perspectives of cooking that don’t take a lot of time, are delicious and is a loving gesture to yourself. She has short cooking videos and if you’re in SB she can help you in person. LoveYourFoodLoveYourLife

Another resource is Queen, Eleni Tziouvaras of E-Salon Santa Barbara, for women & men that expect the best in hair service, knowledge and pampering. Eleni knows how to serve a Queen because she is one.

I’m sure you’ve noticed I put Queen before Maria, Eleni and Arianna names. The reason I did this is that I want you to start seeing the Queens (women who embody their divine feminine power, take responsibility for designing their lives and are aware they have great influence) in your world and I want you to notice if you are a Queen hiding and if so are you ready to be part of something bigger than yourself. 1185214_10151799253952490_2144041126_n

A lot of women have been taught to think limiting, victim and self-sabotaging thoughts, so they won’t allow themselves to imagine what it would be like to be a Queen in their life. If this relates to you, I am giving you permission to start imagining what would be possible if you were empowering yourself to design your life and business and authorizing yourself to have whatever you “really” desired because you are worth it no matter what.

Exercise: Close your eyes and imagine for 5 minutes everyday for the next week +, whatever emotion you want more of in your life. Just feel the emotion, you don’t have to know the hows, just feel and let your imagination run with the emotion. And see what starts showing up in your life. Let the emotion be absorbed by every cell in your body! Examples: safe! congratulations! happy!, loving!, successful!, powerful!, sexy!, confident!….
Do one emotion at a time, no mixing.
Where you find yourself struggling, this is where your attention to change is needed. It is not a validation of who you are.  It points out your childhood programming that has nothing to do with your worthiness or authentic self!

Don’t waste another minute of your life feeling less than, be the Queen of your life!

Loving you,


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