Leaders are being called to show up. Are you one of them?

Leaders are being called to show up. Are you one of them?

Our world is calling all leaders to wake up and stand up for what they feel compelled to change or create. You are more powerful than you believe in your ability to have a positive impact and influence in the world.

This is an incredible time to be alive!

Whether you are 10 or 103 years old, you have influence and impact on the direction our world is moving towards. Through your actions, words, deeds, attitude, relationships, consciousness, and attention you create impressions all around you. You influence way beyond your immediate environment.  Becoming aware that you do have influence and impact by everything you do and are is important and I encourage you to take more ownership of what you are producing in the world and help others with your knowledge.

We are being called to change and generate a new consciousness about ourselves, our planet and the universe.

The stage is set for us to play in new and exciting ways, collaboratively & consciously.

All leaders (mothers/fathers, teachers, inventors, experts, visionaries, health professionals, seekers, trail blazers, spirit raisers, politicians, government officials etc.) who do what they love to do are able to inspire others to be remarkable.  Share how to thrive, love, shine, celebrate and be yourself.

Let’s thrive together!

Please, share your stories of the leaders that you notice generating change for the good of humanity and the planet. Share how you are remarkable and leading the people around you.  Let’s celebrate being wonderful agents of change!

And just in case you haven’t thought of yourself as remarkable, a leader or an agent of change…what if you’ve just been asleep and are now waking up to the possibility that you have followers?  What would you be, to truly be you, and feel remarkable?

I see YOU! And I want to share your story with all my followers. Please comment below. Share the inspiring stories that can make even the smallest difference. If you think you have a story you’d like to share with a wider audience, please contact Nicole.SilverLiningPR@gmail.com to set up an interview on my podcast “Millennials & Money Cafe.”  Click LINK to listen and subscribe.



  1. What a joy to find someone else who tihkns this way.

  2. And, as Finkel explains, the extent to which genes influence our development increases as we get older. When we are infants and children, our parents or guardians choose how we dress, what we eat, where we go to school, and how we spend most of our waking hours. In our early years, in other words, our surroundings play an outsized role in shaping our physical, mental, and other attributes. Genes still play a role, of course–as any parent knows, kids arrive into the world with distinct personalities and dispositions. Finkel’s point, though, is that as we rely less on others to make life choices for us, our genes begin to assert more influence on who we are, how we behave, and what we do.

  3. Many of you have sent me e-mails in response to this post a while back. I would really love if you would share these stories in my comment section, so others can read them and be inspired as well. I LOVE receiving your e-mails, but remember, sharing is caring. So lead the way. Post your inspiring stories in my comment section. And please, of the people you are inspired by have a website, feel free to share the link!

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