# 1 Recipe for Creating Your NEW Reality

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Last week I wrote about making NEW conscious choices and the slippery slope of unconsciously living in your past life. So you now know that nothing will change until you realize you are “The One Power” connected to the Infinite Intelligence (Source, Universe, God etc.) co-creating your life. To stop having your old programming communicating with the Infinite Intelligence you have to change your past programming information and it will change your subconscious mind.

The Infinite Intelligence will know your new desires and help you create them. And The Law of Attraction will work!

Here is how you create a NEW reality for yourself :

  1. Mentally focus on your future goal/desired result in as much detail as possible. Try feeling what it would feel like if you were experiencing it in this present moment. Make this visualization more real to you than your outer environment (it hasn’t happened yet). This will enable your subconscious mind to begin to experience your new future event in the present moment. This repeated mental focus and feeling will send a signal to your brain to create new ways to prepare for this imagined future event.If you continue this mental practice enough times with your new series of choices, behaviors and experiences that you desire, you will reproduce the same NEW level of mind over and over again. Rapidly your brain will begin to physically change installing new neuro-pathways, and your subconscious mind will experience your goal/desire as if it has already happened.Now your body is not living in the past (unconscious habits and actions.)
    It is living NEW in the present (conscious choices, attention, actions.)

   How to do Mental Rehearsal

  1. Close your eyes and for 30 seconds – 1 minute mentally review the future you want all the while reminding yourself who you want to be. Think about your future actions, mentally planning your choices and focusing your mind on the new experience. You want to mentally rehearse your goal or desired result over and over until it becomes very familiar to you. Repeat experiencing the mental image as if it was really happening.Do this mental rehearsal without letting in any limiting emotions like fear, anger, worry, anxiety, judgment, competition, hostility, sadness or guilt.

    Pay attention to details. The more knowledge and experience you have mapped out in your brain about your new desired reality, the easier it will be to create the mental picture of it and the greater your intentions and expectations are. You are literally “reminding” yourself of what your life will look and feel like once you manifest your desire. You are putting an intention behind your attention. I will accomplish this, I can do this, this is mine and I am doing, having, or being this.
  2. Add to your thoughts and intentions a heightened state of emotion, such as love, joy or gratitude.
    When you can embody the new emotion and become more excited about already having what you desire mentally, your brain will fill your body with the neurochemistry that would be present if the future event you desire were actually happening now. You are giving your body a taste of the future experience. Your brain and body don’t know the difference between reality and make-believe, so they are actually living in the new experience in the present moment.

“By keeping your focus on the future event and not letting worry, doubt, fear, distract you, you turn down the volume on the neural circuits connected to the old self, which begins to turn off old genes, which activates new genes in new ways. The circuits in your brain begin to reorganize themselves to reflect that you’re mentally rehearsing. As you hold new thoughts and mental images with a strong, positive emotion, then your mind and body are working together and you’re in a new state of being. At this point your brain and body are no longer living in the past, they are a map to the future.”
The Placebo Effect by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

tiger-woods-79694_640 (2)

Athletes have used this mental rehearsal for a long time, Golfers like Tiger Woods picturing a shot landing where they want it and working their way back to what they had to do in order to make that shot. Football quarterbacks and baseball pitchers picture their different throws in different situations so it becomes instinctual when the time comes for them to perform it. Track stars picture each move and breaking records or winning heats.

Actor Jim Carrey wrote out an affirmation in 1980’s that he would be working with the right people, on the right movie,  with the right casting and be successful and contribute something worthwhile, making a difference in the world. He would drive to Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills and sit in his car and repeated the paragraph with feelings that it was true.  He wrote himself $10 million check for acting services rendered and dated it “Thanksgiving 1995.” In 1994 three movies were released that made Jim Carrey a star: “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” “The Mask” and “Dumb and Dumber “ and he received a check for $10 million exactly like he envisioned for himself.

You can do this!

And I’m sure if we looked at your life we find evidence that you already do this. Although you may be creating what you “don’t” want instead of what you “desire” because of where you are mentally focusing and the emotions you are experiencing daily. Get your mind and body to work together in the material world to create what you’ve conceived in the mental realm.

Whatever is causing the doubts, fears and resistance are your blocks to manifesting what you desire.

There is a science to this. Follow the recipe and make lasting positive changes for living your turned-ON life!

Self-work: Choose something you want to change and put the above recipe into practice and see what happens or call me and I’ll help you.

All professionals have mentors or coaches to help them up their game or career or impact in the world. They help create clarity, keep them focused on the end result, develop a daily success practice and mindset and help them remove the obstacles to their desires as they arise. I am here to take you from a weekend warrior or amateur to living life as a professional.

​Are you ready?



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