#1 Action to Change Your Personal & Professional Challenges

In a recent interview I was asked for one highly beneficial health advice or tip that the audience can implement immediately.

What I shared was that you have to keep your attention in the present moment. Keep pulling your attention back into the present moment by focusing on what you are doing, feeling, seeing, tasting and hearing.

When you keep your attention in the present moment, you are managing your mind and not letting your mind manage you.

When you space out or become unconscious by letting your mind wander into the past or future, it is a waste of time and energy because neither exist except in your imagination and you can’t create anything new from this unconscious state of mind.

The past and future are not where you are powerful and resourceful. The more you can stay in the present moment and make conscious choices about what you desire and express your inspirations, the more authentic you are. The more authentic you are, the more empowered, influential, creative, intuitive, loving, attractive, charismatic, turned ON and happier you are.

Being conscious about how you are experiencing your world will give you valuable information about what you are enjoying and what you’d like to change. With this information you can then make better decisions and new choices to change those things you no longer desire through new thoughts, actions and beliefs.

I’d like to challenge you to COMMIT to doing this inner work on yourself, not TRY to do it, and see how shifts of energy and attention can uplift your life and have tremendous positive impact with your purpose in the world.


If you feel a strong urge and calling to change your life and circumstance please join me  on a 12 week Mind/Body/Spirit journey that will transform both your personal and professional challenges in a variety of positive ways that both serves you and humanity.


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