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Your Money Map Sessions will help you positively change your relationship to money
and empower you, so you can live a wealthy and turned-on life.

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Can you relate to any of these statements?

“I’ve been stuck for years in the same income bracket and it doesn’t matter how hard I work, I can’t get ahead.”

“I make good money, but it never feels like it’s enough.”

“I can only have what I need or others will judge me as selfish”

“I make money, but I can’t spend it”

“I’m deep in debt and don’t know how to get out of it.”

“I don’t feel comfortable asking people to pay me for my service/product.”

“Money is evil and turns you into a bad person.”

“I hide my spending and debt from my friends and/or family.”

“It’s not spiritual to have money.”

“I’m afraid of failing and being judged.”

“I’m afraid of succeeding and loosing control of my life and privacy.”

These are some of the feelings and thoughts my clients share with me when they call to work with me on their money blocks. They are so discouraged, frustrate, embarrassed and angry about not being able to solve their money issues on their own that they come to me thinking something is wrong with them.


The truth is that all of us have money issues because we are programmed with habitual flawed beliefs about who we are and the world. If you find yourself having the same experiences over and over and over, you are living by programmed habitual thinking and feelings. To change our outcomes, life, money, relationships, business, health…we need to stop living our life from unconscious habits. 


What You’ll Get From Your Money Map Sessions With Me:

  • Uncover your unconscious programming that is limiting you, so you can SAVE and INCREASE YOUR INCOME and feel FREEDOM and SUPPORTED knowing you are always abundant.

  • Greatly lower/remove your stress levels and triggers around money

  • Find solutions to pay down your debt

  • Make more money and attract more income into your life

  • Become the master of your life

  • Have a Powerful Map of Aha Moments That Reveal YOUR Exact Steps to Creating a Completely New Energy, Actions and Destiny with Money Personally and Professionally.


We all have grown up with stories that have us playing small and limited. You may relate to some of my story. I didn’t grow up with parents who taught me how to manage money or manifest it. In fact, I grew up with a single mother who worked hard to support three children when most people were married.  She hated dealing with money and would be an emotional reck around the mention of a bill, because there never seemed to be more than enough. 

I had grandparents and a world who modeled chauvinistic values; the women takes care of the home and children and the man works to bring home the money. In fact my grandfather was a very successful business man who had three daughters and didn’t teach any of them business because they were female. All of these conditions and more influenced the way I thought, felt and acted towards money and myself.

I use to feel overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted thinking about money because it brought up all the ways I thought I wasn’t good enough, perfect enough or smart enough. I felt weak and less than because I wasn’t making 6 figures through my business.  

I believed I wasn’t good enough because I was a female. I thought I wasn’t worthy or good enough because my dad didn’t choose to support me financially after my parents divorced.  So I started creating rules for myself to live by as a “Perfect Good Girl” in order to feel safe, secure and have value. I was taught men make money, have more freedom and power than women, so I concluded that I will never make what a man can and if I try I will have to work really, really hard and sacrifice my life of any joy and pleasures.  That is what I saw my mom and other women do and I vowed I’d never do that. These are some of my money wounds and traumas, can you relate?


When you know the truth of who you are; that you are an Infinite and Unlimited Being in a Universe that is always abundant and here to support you create everything you desire you never feel unsupported or lacking.

I have learned to be the master my thoughts, feelings and actions. For example; I choose at a young age to create my own business instead of working for someone else and on their time so I could be free to raise my children and live the life I desire.  I had to manage all my negative thoughts, feelings and scarcity beliefs over the years in order to grow my business, become a leader and create my wealthy turned ON life.

I wouldn’t have gone anywhere in my life if I didn’t heal my money and self-esteem wounds! I had to change my negative programming to get the outcomes and results I desired! 

I had to learned what was keeping me down and hiding out and learn how to override that programming so I could have the experiences I desired like traveling, build my business with support, live in beautiful homes and places, eating delicious and organic food, give experiences to others and save money, grow money, feel safe shining my light, and live a wealthy and healthy lifestyle.  This is what I want for you also!

You don’t have to have a million dollars in the bank to live a wealthy lifestyle. The truth is the Universe and money is always there for you when you have a good relationship to it and understand the laws of the Universe. Learning how money really loves to support you create what you want and is always available to you allows you freedom to experience all of what you desire if you are allowing to receive it. 

I want this money freedom, health, wealth and love for you too!

session with Marilyn O'Malley

My Transformative Money Mapping Package is A Wealth & Life Game Changer. I will provide you with 4 hours of in-depth discovery, support, analysis and reprogramming.

  •  two-90 minute sessions 
  • 1 hour follow up support session
  • customized recorded “tapping or energy work” to heal your money traumas
  • recorded Skype sessions for life long learning
  • we look at savings, debt, income, income goals, and toxic money, and how each of these money areas is specifically mapped out in your nervous system as blocks to creating more wealth, creativity, and life force energy in your life

Your past conditioning is creating your current financial challenges and your feelings of not being good enough.


Money flowImagine having 4-6 months savings, paying off your debt, making more money, not being worrying about money and feeling financially free?

This information changes peoples lives, you don’t need to suffer and struggle any more!

“I look forward to guiding you through this life changing process. As we each heal our own money issues we help
the rest of the world heal.”

Please purchase your Money Map Package below and call me to set up your appointment. The Money Map can be done in person or via Skype from any where in the world.

Contact me within the US at  (805) 883-8598 or via Skype at marilyn.o.malley or email me at

What Money Mappers Are Saying:

The Money Map session with Marilyn was amazing! So many aha moments and dots connected. In a relatively short time, I came away with so much clarity. She is kind, generous and incredibly insightful. Working with her left me feeling light and hopeful. I have always felt self-aware and fulfilled for the most part, but I just felt so stuck in this area of my life and as a coach myself, I felt like I had access to many tools and resources, but just kept hitting a wall. When I connected with Marilyn, I knew she was just what I needed. I left our sessions feeling empowered and educated and things shifted immediately. I recommend anyone that feels stuck or blocked to work with Marilyn. It is powerful!        ~ Shelley Rezai

When we first meet I was very, very ready to really shift my financial situation. Exasperated, that as much as I tried to get ahead – I couldn’t. I could only make *just enough* most months to pay my bills and often had to ask my parents for any extra that I didn’t make. Unable to feel connected to what everyone says that in order to charge our value we have to know our value. It just didn’t register, but I could see the ways that I was scared to ask for the money that I needed. Basically I was exasperated, scared and confused and wondering if given all the wealth consciousness work I had already done, it would ever really shift in a big way.

My issue was a radical perception of my inability to take care of myself and these feelings and thoughts deeply affected my ability to make money and save it. I discovered that I made a vow of loyalty that I took to stay aligned to my family’s money values and always having to work hard to make money. The terror that I’ve had to break free from that paradigm and show that money can come with great ease, joy and from inspiration, not only perspiration. That I have sacrificed my life, my life force, my vitality and my essence to keep myself small and not have money. That I have been doing this for fear of what others will think and for fear of drawing attention to myself.

My new insights from working with Marilyn are, I LOVE having money. That I’m exhausted from working so hard all the time to try to make money but that it’s not even working. That I’ve sacrificed my health, my desire for a healthy relationship, my desire to travel and the ability to have money because of all of these subconscious emotions that have been keeping money at bay. That I can actually make money with ease, by being myself and being inspired and taking action from that place. That it’s a joy to receive money and I feel so much more energized and safe when I have it.

While working with Marilyn I feel full of possibility, safer, inspired and I know that I CAN make money as I choose to. Every time we identified a major belief or trauma and tapped through it I’ve made bigger chunks of money than I ever did before. I have sold my first two big coaching packages after major breakthroughs from tapping. Because of making this money and being able to sell my services I feel so much more capable, connected to my truth and for the first time can truly see the value that I offer others and the profound gift that my services are in their lives. I am able to confidently have discovery sessions with clients and sell packages, knowing that I can transform their lives. Because of all of this my business is coming into clearer focus, I am resting more and my relationship with my partner has improved dramatically because I have given myself permission to have both money and a loving relationship.

What worked for me was tapping and making connections to past traumas that I didn’t even know were connected to my financial reality. Identifying my family’s paradigm that I came from and how profoundly that has been affected my financial reality my entire life. Being able to be so vulnerable and feel so safe and knowing, from Marilyn’s guidance, that each time we cleared something major out it was in the service of increasing my money flow. She reminded me of this and without fail, after each of these sessions big chunks of money came in!

I felt completely safe and supported by Marilyn and could feel her faith and knowingness that this would work and shift things carrying me through!

On a scale of 0 to 10, where zero is no value and 10 is highest value, I assign a value to the insights and breakthroughs I experience with Marilyn 10! Without a doubt. I finally feel like it is possible to make money and to really shift my wealth consciousness!

~ Jessica Serran, Prague Artist & Creative Coach


I was feeling in a word: Stuck. I had no idea how much choice and power I had in my situation. In fact, the ample options paralyzed me a bit. I had left my corporate job earlier in the year, just gave up my apartment, sold my stuff and was in an inadvertent holding pattern to get my new life started. Marilyn was the loving kick in the pants that I needed to jumpstart my new nomadic life of building my coaching business and a life that aligned with my core values.

The issues I identified during our sessions was my victim mindset. Being super energetically affected by my environment and those in it. Feeling powerless.  Not truly KNOWING my power as a female, a smart creator and a businesswoman.

After working together I had so many useful insights! Marilyn taught me several grounding practices that I use in my every day life. This keeps me protected and intentional with what I choose to bring into my day, who I interact with and how I choose to show up in the world. I also learned how deep my perfectionism runs. It’s pervasive and sneaky. Marilyn lovingly mirrors back to me the ways that it rears its head in ways that keep me from moving forward.

I’ve gained insights into how my survival mode and scarcity mindset shows up in my relationships and money. Wow. This one packed a punch. I learned how I can get super clear on my desires and manifest that which I desire.  

My income increased from less than a $1000 a month to $4800.00 in one month.

I always leave a session with Marilyn feeling truly SEEN and truly HEARD. She’s gets it. She gets my struggles because she’s been there. I feel so loved and supported. My logical/learning side also feels satisfied because of the new insights I gain from our sessions. I never leave a session feeling stuck or confused. I leave with clear action steps to move in the desired direction and clear understanding on why I was doing what I was doing. And her reminder to not make myself wrong for my previous behavior will never get old. It’s always needed!

Marilyn listens closely to what’s going on in my world and responds intentionally and intuitively. Seeing her rely and trust her intuition is inspiring to me since I work in a very similar way. I also feel like I can show up anyway I have to and still be received with love and support. 

On a scale of 0 to 10, where zero is no value and 10 is highest value, I would assign a value to the insights and breakthroughs I experience with Marilyn to be a 10.

~ Krystal Brandt, Authenticity Coach for Entrepreneurs


Prior to working with Marilyn O’Malley I was feeling anxious and fearful about money in general and about my income in particular.  While working with Marilyn on my “Money Map”, I discovered many of my concerns, beliefs and behaviors in regards to money were mostly unconscious and “learned” as a small child from my parents and did not accurately reflect my conscious beliefs.  These “learned” habits surrounding income, savings and goal setting were driving my financial choices; my fears were driving my financial reality, keeping me from truly being successful in my business.

Within a week of working with Marilyn I began to notice positive changes.  I became optimistic about possibilities I had been unable to see prior.  Two retail businesses approached me about carrying my products in their stores, without any solicitation from  me!  New clients were finding me and scheduling repeat appointments, so exciting!

Continuing my work with Marilyn has me creating a healthy relationship with money where I feel supported and nurtured by my finances.  I have even created a “Money Hunny” to hug in my sleep, to support the healthier relationship with money I am now fostering.  Major shifts in my confidence and trust that I will be supported financially are being reinforced by real time reactions in my business (seeing clients I had not seen in a while, existing clients scheduling longer sessions, etc).

If you have concerns, worries or uncertainty about your financial reality I suggest you consider working with Marilyn O’Malley.  With compassion and clarity she is able to help you get real with yourself about your situation and why you are there.  Using some amazing tools she teaches you how to shift your reality to create the life you dream of having.

Susan Hart, LMT, Intuitive Bodywork and Energy Coach


When the coaching sessions started I was feeling overwhelmed and had negative blocks. I could see what I wanted to manifest, but I would get derailed and lose my focus. I also felt like something else was controlling my destiny, at times. I couldn’t manifest the money I desired and I couldn’t figure out why because I was doing everything I knew to do.

The issues that were revealed in our money map  session were old childhood issues of abandonment, betrayal, loss and self-esteem issues as a result of a narcissistic mother and a replay with a narcissistic ex. These issues were ones I thought I had already dealt with long ago. It was also revealed I had toxic money issues.

After working with Marilyn, I recognize the issues that they were blocking my desire to feel taken care of Financially & Emotionally. I have tools that empower me to move beyond my old programming and create new results, like EFT tapping, to stop my stress responses to old traumas and money that were playing out in my body and keeping me stuck.

I was subconsciously replaying the fear of not being taken care of myself and that I needed to work harder and to struggle in order to have more money in my life. And if I made the money there was the fear it would be taken away from me. I didn’t trust myself or others.

I felt empowered working with Marilyn. The tools she taught me to use helped me clear  and ground my energy and stop the fight and flight stress responses, so I could take inspired actions rather than take flight and doing nothing or acting out of fear. Learning to tap through my fear while identifying my negative emotions and thoughts made me feel less afraid, calmer, expansive and more empowered.

What worked for me was the tools Marilyn taught me. As I stated above, when the fear bubbles up I know how to acknowledge my feelings and tap through them. Then, to reiterate to myself what it is that I do want and desire and that I deserve it and this is my reality to manifest. I am not my feelings, thoughts and old programming. My life has been a result of them and I can change the results to what I desire as an adult.

Other tools I learned helped me stay connected to myself (body, mind & spirit) and untangle from other peoples energy. I learned how to create healthy boundaries and stop being a sponge with others as well as manage my thoughts and feelings.

What didn’t work at first for me was forcing myself to sit with these uneasy feelings. It was very difficult not to dismiss them away, but to really sit and feel what was going on with me. I didn’t like it, but realized it was necessary to move them out for good.

Necessary work to create room for abundance! 🙂

On a scale of 0 to 10, where zero is no value and 10 is highest value, please assign a value to the insights and breakthroughs you experienced: 10!

Santa Barbara, Business Coach & Health Practitioner


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