Manifesting for HSP-Group

Create a clear vision of your ultimate life – like your career, finances, health, relationships, and more

Discover your limiting mindset and habits and how to change them.

Gain a customized action plan and strategies for achieving your desired success without sacrificing anything in the process.

We’ll magnify each other’s manifesting energies and successes and you’ll connect with other like-minded people.


Manifesting What You Desire 2019 Workshop

(limited to 10 participants)

Are you Highly Sensitive? See if you relate to a lot of these statements (you don’t have to relate to all of them). 

  • A highly creative mind, inner world, deep processing-Reflects more on everything
  • A natural problem solver
  • Impressive creativity and insight: imagine “possibilities” more than a non-HSP
  • Deeply passionate and caring
  • Overstimulated easily
  • Skillful at spotting errors and avoiding errors
  • Highly conscientious
  • Especially good at tasks requiring vigilance, accuracy, speed and the detection of minor differences
  • Feels other people’s moods and emotions-empathy
  • Sensitivities to stimulants, things in the air and chemicals
  • Sorts things into finer distinctions
  • Intuitive, inner knowing for better decision making…
  • Greater awareness of the subtleties in the environment involving sight, sound, smell, feeling…
  • Often thinking about our own thinking


For more details listen to this short video


In this workshop you’ll:

  1. be taken through a process to gain clarity on what you want to manifest in 12 areas of your life

  2. choose one area to focus on for the next 8 weeks

  3. work with your limiting mindset, beliefs, habits, and traumas

  4. expand your self-esteem and well-being

  5. increase your connection to your intuition and HigherSelf

  6. find more freedom, pleasure, happiness, fulfillment, magic and wealth

  7. learn powerful practical and metaphysical tools and structures


Call Marilyn to reserve your spot and/or ask questions call Marilyn @ 805 883-8598

Investment in yourself $225

PayPal @ or pay in person.

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