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As a young girl, I was painfully shy and highly sensitive. I felt that no one understood me. The culture I grew in saw me as weak and less valuable than males. I noticed as a young child that men had control of the money, more time for fun, more adventures, and more freedom and power than the women around me. So I started denying and resenting my sensitivity and femininity.

When my parents divorced (I was 4 years old), my grandmother told me I had to be a ‘good girl’ or something might happen to my mother and she would leave, too. Driven by fear, I began a pattern of abandoning my needs to take care of others. This fed my belief that my value came from putting others first: my mother, brother and sister, and later my own family, friends, clients and community.

But deep down, I always knew there was something I was missing. I had an intuitive knowing that I was here to create something BIGGER than I could imagine. My interest in personal power and transformation was sparked in third grade. As I grew into an adult, my search for answers led me to study the sciences; psychology, sociology, parapsychology, philosophy, body work, spirituality, quantum science and the arts.

I was proud of myself. I was following my interests. I was being me. At least, that’s what I thought. Yet no matter how much I accomplished or learned, I never felt good enough. My childhood programming reminded me that I was limited and not enough, won every time.

It was no surprise that I conformed to the traditional lifestyle of marriage and raisingDrama_masks a family in a comfortable environment. I felt powerful and on purpose as a parent, but some of that feeling came from doing what was approved of and valued by others. From the outside my life looked normal. But inside I was unfulfilled – and I didn’t know it. I was so caught up in doing what was “right” and what I imagined was “expected of me”.

In my 40’s,  I was faced with multiple health challenges that rocked my world upside down. It was my wake up call to all the lies I was believing about myself and the world.  I had taken care of others all my life – but now?  What about me? My old beliefs told me I wasn’t worth being taken care of if I couldn’t take care of others. How could I burden others with my needs? I felt alone, afraid and confused.

The fears I had repressed all my life rose to the surface.  I had broken open to my greatest fears and I felt so vulnerable. I realized I had no boundaries, I was a sponge soaking up everyone’s energy around me and clearing it through helping them solve their problems. Not healthy and not my life purpose or passion!

My Path Home To Myself Started Right There

Marilyn O'Malley Embodying Happiness

It was time to get real with myself and know my personal power to create a wealthy, healthy, and loving life. I needed to learn to receive and be loving towards all aspects myself, not be a perfectionist trying to show up how like I thought everyone else wanted me to be. I had to learn the value of being vulnerable and being ME.

I sought out the help of coaches, resources and mentors, including John Assaraf (from The Secret), one of the foremost experts on how we can use our minds and to consciously direct our lives and business. I began to unravel my spiritual self and let go of the my limiting mindset of thinking I was alone, perfectionism and feeling like a powerless victim. I learned to manage my my thoughts, my feelings and my actions, so that I could master creating a life and business aligned with my purpose and passions.

I trained as a personal empowerment life and wealth coach and created a career working with highly sensitive and creative entrepreneurs, who want to break free of their blocks that prevent them from growing personally and in their business, stepping into their mission and amassing wealth while making a difference in the world.

Alice In Wonderland Comes Home

So this was what Alice felt like! Falling down the rabbit hole into a world I didn’t know existed, a world where I could start feeling worthy, recognize my love for myself and find the true and magnificently inspiring energy within me that had been hidden and misjudged by others that I didn’t even know I had.

My empowered adventurous self revealed itself and I fell in love and blossomed. I rediscovered the enthusiasm for life that I had abandoned in order to fit in with what I was told was ‘normal.’  My intuitive self guided me to leave my 20-year marriage to find the happiness I now knew I was worthy of. I moved from Connecticut to the California coast – and met my soul mate, Jeff.

Today I have never felt more alive, wealthy and confident being an empowered, loving, creative, sensitive, brilliant, and  juicy mess turned ON by life.

My life purpose is to help YOU launch your true self into the world earlier, easier and quicker than I experienced my wake up call, without having to have a health scare, breakup, or a Mac Truck experience. Everyone of you are a creative, sensitive, beautiful, brilliant and juicy mess waiting to shine her light out into the world and be recognized and valued for YOUR SELF expressions. And the world is waiting for YOU!

I’d be honored to your unconditional loving guide, teacher, and coach!

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